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Timeline - ADI

Timeline - ADI

BDI - Before Dantooine Incident
ADI - After Dantooine Incident

1 BDI & Earlier - Jedi Sith's earlier History

1 BDI - The Sith conspire to remove Dantooine from our reality using a wormhole conjured up using powerful Sith Magic.

0 - The Dantooine Incident occurs. Dantooine is sucked into a wormhole, removing the majority of the Galaxy's Jedi and Sith population. To remember the fallen, most governments move to using the BDI/ADI date system.

1 ADI - The last known sighting of a Jedi or Sith for ages. Trever Leingod, the last known living Jedi, marries Yuna Braska and retires from his Jedi lifestyle.

300 ADI - The Jedi and Sith are considered myths by most in the Galaxy.

534 ADI - Dantooine reappears, heavily corrupted by the Dark Side.

775 ADI - The Galactic Republic collapses due to a civil war. The Galaxy is now ruled by several minor factions, none capable of claiming complete control.

1000 ADI & Onwards - Jedi and Sith begin to reappear as their teachings start to resurface.

1000 ADI - Most of the Dark Side energies on Dantooine are removed and absorbed into a crystal by Jaina Renshir.

1001 ADI - Zonama Sekot becomes a wound in the Force and heavily corrupted by the Dark Side, becoming a Dark Side Nexus through combined efforts of John Orion and a Dark Side entity.

- Another Darkside Nexus and Wound is formed by Arkira bombing the Denon surface, swiftly wiping out the population, at the manipulation of a Dark Side entity.

- The Sith Empire invades Coruscant and occupies the planet.

- The Sith Empire attacks the people of Coruscant, but are met by the Paragon troops led by Timaeus Leingod. Zanic Scorchi defeats Sith Chancellor Jaina Renshir during the battle.

- Darth Kage and Aegis conspire against the newly risen Jedi Order, with Kage acting as a main antagonist via multiple holocasts making bomb threats. Timaeus Leingod, Zanic Scorchi, and Jaderath hold things together by sheltering people in the new tree Jedi Temple. The two Darksiders seemly disappear shortly after, killed by the Sith known as Taun.

- Timaeus helps the League of Planets (LoP) form, thus rebuilding another Galactic Republic, and makes an order for a new Jedi-commanded army known as the Garden faction.

1002 ADI - The Jedi Order gathers on Coruscant and unite. The Sith also meet up around the same time. Both begin restarting their orders, and prepare to counter each other.

- Taris joins the Wayland Empire due to behind-the-scenes strings being pulled by Emperor Redack. This expansion draws concern in the Outer Rim senate, leading to Jedi Knight Lightning stationing an army base on Myrkr as a precaution for war.

- A Jedi Council is elected, with the Masters being Durzo Rijn (Leon Stealth), Vegito Rikhard, Zanic Scorchi and Titus Galdius. They meet with Queen Vima of Naboo shortly after.

- A Vong named Czulkang uses a dovin basal to drop Bastion’s moon onto the planet, making it essentially unlivable. Jedi Knight Teddi Wingt uses resources from an unknown benefactor to help the survivors from Bastion acquire safe passage off the planet.

- A rogue senator bombs the Mid Rim Senate chambers, killing senators in the process.

- The Sith and Imperial fleets execute an "ultimate freedom" plan to take over the Inner Rim senate and to destroy the Jedi Temple. The tree temple comes alive and fights back, only to mutate and seemingly disappear. Redack is killed by Kavis Knesos. Chancellor Keever meets with the Imperials for peace negotiations.

- Timaeus Leingod, who stealthily left Coruscant during the Imperial attack, repositions the Republic fleets for a counterattack and helps hide the Outer and Mid Rim chancellors, who continue their senatorial work in secret locations.

1003 ADI - Bastion, through the power of the Force, is miraculously cleansed and made livable again.

- Jedi Master Kavis Knesos and Ridifu Omego lead their army forces against the Imperial Fleets occupying Coruscant, heading a stand-off until peace negotiations are agreed upon.

- Jedi Master Jaderath begins growing a forest of her own on Coruscant.

- Timaeus Leingod appears on a show, announcing that Garden discovered a planet known as Dark Side beyond the Unknown Regions, the embodiment of the Dark Side itself fueled by any use of the Force, is growing at a enormous rate and heading for the Core Worlds within a decade.

- The Jedi Council, led by Grandmaster Leon Stealth, convenes in the new Coruscant Jedi Temple. It includes Kavis Knesos, Helius Tak, Titus Galdius, and Timaeus Leingod. The Dark Lady Palin joins them, and they end up forging an unwilling truce with her while Dark Side looms over. Shortly after this meeting, the first batch of Dark Side's Force Wraith spawn attacks Coruscant.

- The Imperial Union make a truce with Garden to fight Dark Side. The two factions work together to find its weakness.

- The forces of Garden fight off the Force Wraiths, along with Aiden Avalos, Ridifu Omego, Helius Tak, Saarai-kaar, Kell Gase and Timaeus Leingod. Ridifu kills Helius with a trick explosive because of the latter's mental condition, for which Ridifu must submit to Grandmaster Leon's discipline.

- Civil war erupts on Manaan due to the panic of Dark Side's threat, which influenced the local government officials to attack any Force users on planet. Sevoth leads a rebellion against the Selkath, and a distress signal is sent to Garden. Timaeus arrives with the fleet to help Sevoth put down the tyrant sovereign.

- A disease known as the Stoneman Epidemic spreads on Coruscant, a plague that the Dark Exterminator attack left on the planet.

- While vacationing on Naboo, Palin and Kavis met up with the revived Kigus known as Ricky, and Darth Fenrir. They are quickly interrupted by a Force Wraith attack, led by a powerful Phantom. Kavis calls in Garden to eliminate the wraith hordes, and Ricky defeats the Force Phantom with a Force Whirlwind mixed with lightning and a beheading move. Dark Lord Doomsday - the physical, humanoid body of Dark Side - has the head of the Phantom transform into a slime that eventually corrupts Naboo's core.

- Naboo's corrupted core causes the planet to be pulled towards Dark Side. Vallyria Sol'rhia, Kad Valor Timaeus Leingod lead the Garden forces to help evacuate the planet. Titus Galdius and his Padawan Ulysses later join the effort. Soon after, Naboo is absorbed into Dark Side.

- Ridifu Omego confronts Sith Lord Taun on Coruscant, leading to a break in the Jedi and Sith truce. Other Jedi and Sith join the fray. Leon Stealth is felled by Palin while Kavis Knesos is killed by Lorion, who in turn faces Palin and overthrows her to become the new Dark Lord. Kell Gase is slain by a Force Wraith summoned by Taun. Ridifu manages to leaves the scene to fight another day.

- Korriban is attacked by Force Wraiths and are completely unchallenged. Its core is corrupted. Before it is eaten by Dark Side, Ridifu Omego uses the Galaxy Gun to destroy the planet.

- Coruscant is once again attacked by Dark Side's spawn, a horde of evil bears who explode at the touch. They are fended off by Titus Galdius and Timaeus Leingod alongside the Garden fleet.

- Dark Side begins its fast course towards the Deep Core worlds.

- Pantolomin is attacked by Force Wraiths by hundreds of thousands. The Garden fleet holds them off and helps evacuate Pantolomin and the surrounding worlds before they are eaten by Dark Side.

- Metellos is partially evacuated due to the advancement of Dark Side by Garden. Due to the world’s huge population, it is impossible to save everyone, so a good deal of the world’s people perishes when Dark Side swallowed the planet whole.

- The fleets of the Republic assemble on Coruscant’s orbit for the incoming attack of Dark Side and rally for a desperate mission to penetrate its core to destroy the central Shatterpoint and destroy it. Garden deploys the Genesis Star shield to protect Coruscant as Dark Side begins to send out countless hordes of Force Wraiths, Doppelgangers and Phantom Ships. Quickly changing the Genesis Star mode to Gun mode, Garden blasts a hole in Dark Side’s armor large enough to infiltrate. A Garden elite force, led by the Jedi trio Lancer Onasi, Titus Galdius and Timaeus Leingod with Light Neutral Teddi Wingt, go through the hole and traverse to the very heart of Dark Side and are met by Doomsday, the Dark Lord in control of the dark planet. The Force users trap Doomsday in a Wall of Light while the soldiers set bombs around him, rendering him defenseless. Upon his death, all of Dark Side and its effects and creations are undone. The Jedi and the Garden soldiers use a transport device to warp themselves to safety.

1004 ADI

- All planets that were attacked and/or eaten by Dark Side are restored, a reversal done through the Force.

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