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Official Rulebook

Executive Host: Moonray

General Rules
  • Mid-round action updates are not a requirement. The host may choose to do them or not do them depending upon how much time they can devote to the game, though it is preferable that a host is upfront about if they can do them or not. Players should plan accordingly.

  • Each action box must only include one action, the host may make exception if the two actions make sense as one (EG, Redack searches cupboard and takes what he finds).

  • All actions done must be in the current room, you may not state \"Moves to the Basement and then immediately searches the room.\" as you are not currently in the basement.

  • You may however move to a room mid-round. This must take up one action, then when the host is online and available they will move you. If it is nearing the end of the round and the host has yet to move you into the next room then you should plan accordingly, use your remaining actions in your current room and await movement when the round ends.

  • When sneaking into a room, only your exit will be considered sneak and thus hidden from view. Your entrance into a room will not be hidden.

  • Standard round length is 2 days, however the host may change this to either 1 day or 3 days based on how active their players are and how actively they can keep updating the game. Day rounds must not officially go beyond 3 days, exceptions can only be made if the host absolutely cannot help it.

  • Dead players may not disclose important information with their allies or friends whilst playing the game, especially now that they can see into every post whilst their role is \"Ghost\". Any player caught breaking this rule will be set to \"Dead\", disallowing them access to all but the Dead Thread. Depending on the severity of the case, further \'punishment\' may be handed out.

  • You may NOT use any tools (either those available to staff or everyone) to track which room someone is in. Ideally this will one day all be locked down, but if you find a way to track people using GTX0\'s tools you should report it and immediately stop using it. Using these gives you an unfair advantage and ruins one of the core elements of the game. You will not be punished for reporting one of these tools to us, even if you had to use it to find out it works, but continued use after it becomes known will be punishable.

    OOG Rules
    Allowed: Out of game communication is allowed with no restrictions.

    Restricted: Out of game communication is allowed, but the host will specify restrictions.

    Banned: Out of game communication is not allowed. (This is the default, if a host does not say otherwise then a game will be using this option).

    IMPORTANT: Out of game communications ALWAYS banned between ghost/dead players and living players. You may inquire as to how someone is doing and ask about the game, but you may not pass on any information related to the game (no matter how small).

  • Additional per-game rules may apply. These will even be declared in the main thread for the game or in [this document].

  • For further reading on the mechanics of the game [read this document].

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