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Super Smash Bros.

In Memoriam: Pichu 2001-2008

You left us too young.
Friend Codes/NNIDs

Black Yoshi: 2664-1893-0408
Laxan: 3311-5595-5093
Blazer72: 3439-6062-1489
Vandy: 4813-3173-2432
Apollo Justice: 1547-5497-590
Jo Nathan: 4983-5289-9097
White Thunder: 3137-3598-9787
Pirate_Ninja: 1032-0915-6045
weid man: 0645-5530-5240

Speed Bike Pro: LucinaOnly
Kyon: PeperMerio
Pirate_Ninja: jumpydollzero
Orion Nebula: ValkanoEros
Laxan: Laxanii
Magnum Rage: Bloomlit
Gameboy86: Gameboy86
Rekkaken: SpoonyNinja
Count Dooku: Omega2401
ShadowFox08: sselemanrm
Hindenburg: Manwood
Bugei Nights: alph4m11bo
Fox Forever: FoxForever90
Castrael: Nastrae
MSS: AtomicBologna
Cyuss: GeneralComray
mariomguy: mariomguy
SOH: zajreyes
Famov: Famardy
Moonray: Luinor
Nintendo 4ever: ComplexBread
frienddream: Dreamz_xluk

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