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Xhin/GTX0 Update
Posted: Posted September 2nd, 2018 by Xhin
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Xhin update

  • I'm starting my next job September 13th so I still have a good bit of time off.

  • On that job, I'll get 3 days off every week and have a bit of time after work (though not that much until I move).

  • That job should enable me to live independently, but I really want to get something in my field asap.

    GTX0 update

    At the moment I'm putting all my off time into the Strategy Game I mentioned earlier. This is a bit weird because it's a totally new project, but there are some good reasons for it:

  • I need something useful in my visible-code portfolio. This is a great project to stick in there because it shows a lot of both client-side and server-side competency. There's also a lot of reliance on procedural generation, which will look particularly impressive.

  • This project is going really well and shouldn't take long to complete. One reason for that is it's building on a lot of things I learned from NIFE about how to structure large complex projects.

  • It uses Gtx0's account system so I could give it the NIFE treatment -- add a forum or two for it, advertise the software and get people to come to gtx0 indirectly.

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    Good to see GameTalk is still alive

    Posted September 2nd, 2018 by Unknown
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