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Xhin update and NIFE long-term schedule.
Posted: Posted March 4th, 2018 by Xhin
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I only have one job right now. I've kind of gotten a feel for its schedule and pay and put together kind of a long-term plan:

  • About 3 months from now I get hired by the plant and get a 3$ raise. At that point I'll definitely be able to both live independently and fund the ~2000$ I need to start my business. Before that I need to take care of some financial stuff and maybe get a second used car. Not sure if I can swing the equipment before then, but we'll see.

  • At this job I get 2 days off every 2-3 workdays. I think there's some times I get 3 off days too. Off days will for the most part be NIFE days. I can't promise I'll hit the crazy 16+ hour schedule I was doing before, but not having to work during the work week will make off days leisurely.

  • My work days are 12 hours. I really need sleep and relaxation so I won't be doing anything with NIFE during those days. Maybe concept notes if I feel inclined.

    Post continued on my next break.

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    ...or 3 breaks later. That works too. Here's my plans for NIFE over the next 3 months:

  • NIFE should hit v5 by this Tuesday. Going to first prioritize whatever Moonray needs for good adventure thing (probably small things at this point).

  • Going to do some polishing and cross-linking v5 features.

  • I'm going to do some work on v6 and vC. Not a huge priority but I'd like to get a couple things established.

  • My priority will actually be getting NIFE vL up. A 5L looks pretty likely since I keep adding things to v6. I want to actually launch it before the 3 month span is up and hopefully get some outside interest.

  • I want to *come up* with some way of monetizing NIFE. I don't have to implement it yet, I just want to have a plan in mind. My goal for 2018 in general is to get NIFE profitable somehow so I can justify doing more work for it. I have some vague ideas right now but nothing concrete.

  • Posted March 4th, 2018 by Xhin
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