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Xhin update
Posted: Posted August 8th by Xhin
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Previously, on Xhin:
I have a reasonably well-paying freelance job. Only been paid 100$ from it so far, but more will come up to the halfway point, and when the project is done, it'll be 1000$ in my pocket. There's a good bit of work involved -- yesterday I spent all day setting up the server, today I'm fixing miscellaneous issues and making a game plan for the rest of the work. Basic story is my client paid someone to do a lot of work but they bounced before finishing it, so I'm picking up the pieces. Can't legally talk about anything else.

I also have another well-paying freelance job, worth 800$ with 400$ up front but that might not be happening anymore because I haven't been able to reach the client. Probably for the best so I can work hard on the other one.

I also have a smaller project for 50$ -- a lot of research and reformatting involved in this one, should have asked for more money. Waiting to hear back on the client for some resources.

While browsing around coinbase (one of my clients wants to pay with bitcoin), I discovered that I had 15$ in bitcoin from 2014 that matured into 200$. I'm going to try to hold onto it and fund my bills with freelance work instead, but I'm absolutely strapped at the moment and the first 100$ isn't even enough to break even, so we'll see.

I've also been selling things on ebay (I have a wholesale place near me where I can buy old electronics super cheap), but the sales there are very intermittent and there's a lot of work involved. If anyone here wants to buy a wii (the first one, not a wii u), I have one with the sensor bar, two controllers, two nunchuks and a game. Could throw in some of my gamecube games (iirc they're backward-compatible).

In any case, I'll keep doing freelance work but once I have some money up I'm going to be getting myself up to speed with the web technology out there. Would like to aim for some certifications as well -- MCSD and MCSE look very promising. Hopefully one of these two steps will give me the ability to find a job in my field again, which is the end goal of all this (though not the end goal for me personally, it's a stepping stone into other stuff).

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