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Xhin update
Posted: Posted May 15th by Xhin
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I'm currently applying for jobs in my field. This is taking up all my time, other than whatever relaxation time I need to not completely burn out. I have a four-stage process here and I'm currently wrapping up stage 2. If I don't see any progress by the end of the last stage I'm going to get a local job and re-evaluate things -- will probably just say fuck it and try to make something of my projects since that's the end goal anyway.

I'm definitely going to start doing stuff here again. Not because the site needs it but because I'm getting burned out in other ways (it's not pretty) and this will help a lot. Probably a lot of NIFE more than anything else.

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Best of luck old friend, and don't give up in your search! But also remember to take some time for yourself every now and then

Posted May 15th by LLight
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Good luck!

Like Light said take care of yourself because we don't live to work. Where do you live, Xhin? Do you feel it's contributing to your ability to find a job in your line of work?

Edited May 18th by Forte Lambardi
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