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Wow, Ring Fit Adventure is out and its getting really good reviews
Posted: Posted October 19th by ShadowFox08
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78/100 on metacritic from 8 critics.
It's basically this generation's "wii fit," and its from nintendo directly. But its actually plays as an fitness RPG game. Interesting

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My friend bought this. I might start playing it in the mornings before work, get my day going.

Posted November 6th by Laxan
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It rose up to 82/100 now from 29 reviews.

I bought a copy like 2 days ago on ebay and expecting it next week. Gonna be a good supplemental weight loss on my off gym days. I wish I could get the software digital and the accessories separate though. I hate switching carts.

Posted November 9th by ShadowFox08
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