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World of Warcraft Classic
Posted: Posted April 20th by Cruinn-Annuin
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Let's talk about what is potentially one of the biggest revivals of gaming content in video game history.

I never had a chance to play the original World of Warcraft. I barely knew anything about MMO games at that point and my computer couldn't run it, even if I could pay for the subscription. I missed out on one of the hugest cultural movements in the modern time.

But World of Warcraft Classic is coming out this summer. I've been anticipating this for over three years, since Blizzard started shutting down unofficial vanilla WoW servers. I could only see one reason that they would suddenly start doing that out of the blue - and that was if Blizzard was going to do it themselves.

I played around with modern WoW a little bit. They have the free trial version where you can play up to level 20, so I created a few characters. I didn't get too into it, though, for a couple of reasons. First was that there was so much shit going on and so much content that I felt like I was drowning. That was constantly in the back of my mind, that if I wanted the full game I would have to pay some hundreds of dollars to get it, on top of my monthly subscription. Second was how ruthlessly modern the design was, with waypoints and shiny graphics and all that nonsense. I like stuff that's monolithic, honest and utilitarian. It looks like Classic is going to be a lot closer to that.

Classic will be based on 1.12, which is pre-expansion. This means that you only need your monthly sub and that it doesn't have all of the bell and whistles (and handholding stuff) of the modern version. In other words, it's exactly what I'm looking for.

People who have played the demo have reported that it feels so different - and so much more like a legitimate adventure. I'm pretty excited for it. Anyone else?

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Everyone keeps talking about this but I am reluctant to get back into WoW for reasons related to kyrack lvl 110 worgen warrior guild shameless and his wife Jënny lvl 110 Draenei paladin lvlwho ruined my reputation on whsiperwind server. RIP
My WoW irl friends

Edited April 21st by Brandy
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If only I were sixteen again!

1.12 is probably the right choice. Classic WoW is a better game than Modern WoW, pound for pound, and I say this while remaining cognizant of how stripped down and basic the old game will feel in comparison. It was, as much as any MMO could be, a game where all the elements helped realize a coherent vision. It was a game where your choice of race, class, spec, professions, and gear really made a difference. It was a game where the level grind to 60 was not subservient to a bloated, arcane, top heavy endgame. It was a game with really tight five-man dungeons that would try to kill you, including in the early and mid game. Even while traversing the wilds you had to stay on your toes because pulling more than one enemy at a time, depending on your your class and how good you were, could actually get you killed. It was also a game with The Barrens, so it wasn't all amazing, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't consider The Crossroads a second home, perhaps only after Orgrimmar. The server raid (Bronzebeard) on Darnassus was glorious. We lost, but still.

Not to be that guy, but they made WoW too accessible. Too casual and reliant on mindless grinding, at least for all non-raid content. When you have people like my own sister saying that leveling has become too easy to be any fun then there really is a problem.

I don't think I'll have enough time for WoW Classic for the remainder of my working life, but it has my unwavering support all the same... I'll probably try it out for a month or two though. May as well roll a Troll Shaman all over again.

Posted April 22nd by Famov
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I'd have preferred Burning Crusade, but I'll definitely check it out.

Posted April 27th by Axem Great Water
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