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Work can be bearable
Posted: Posted November 9th by Cetasaurus
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I've been working at a library with some awesome peiple. Accessibility to information is our mission! So cool.

Here I was thinking wage labor would make me wanna die without fail. I absolutely went into this job with no hope that I'd be ok.

That impression came from my last job and my last boss. And guess what! I just found out he got fired shortly after I left. Fucker. I suspected this would happen. He never seemed to understand that I was single-handedly running the AP/AR machine. Or that I'm fucking smart.

Well, it can get better my dears.

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Well, it can get better my dears.

That's good to know.

That impression came from my last job and my last boss.

Bad jobs can definitely poison future jobs. On the other hand, I think I'm just not cut out for manufacturing labor -- those kinds of jobs are consistently bad.

Posted November 9th by Xhin
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Ground's what's around

That's very good to hear.

I've often thought about having a job at a stress-free place like a library and how that could be really nice. At least it appears stress-free to me.

Posted November 9th by Vandy
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My first boss at my first job after college was a pretty toxic person. He was condescending and liked to manipulate and lie. After I left, I found out from a coworker that he lied about me to the whole team and told them all I cussed him out - I didn’t. The coworker who told me that was like a friend to me while I was there - and then chastised me for that. It took 5 years for him to come around and actually want to speak to me again.

I’ve had a few positive work experiences since then, including a manager who I can describe as the most charismatic man I’ve ever met I’m not with that job anymore, but that place was a healing experience. I can safely say and agree things can always get better. I’m happy you found a good work environment -it makes all the difference!

Posted November 9th by Weird Occurance
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