Why did water used to be so evil?
Posted: Posted July 27th by -Riku-
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It seems like almost every gate in the 90s and early 2000s had water as a hazard. The Legend of Zelda games were especially guilty of this

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Don't let it fool you. Water is still evil. It's just biding its time.

Posted July 27th by Axem Great Water
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If we're talking "go in the water and die" then the answer is simple. it was easier to make it a killzone than actually support player movement in it and account for the extra gameplay mechanics, physics, etc that would be needed.

That said I agree with Axem Great Evil. Water should not be trusted, it is clearly up to something.

Posted July 27th by Moonray
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I think water is still evil. When I play new games, I'm almost afraid to try and see if I can swim lol

Posted July 27th by Shelbai
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Shell + Buy

I don't think I've ever encountered a water level that I liked.

Posted July 27th by Moonray
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Look at how much trouble the water caused in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back on the NES. They're turtles but they can't even swim in the water in the sewer, it kills them.

And look at Red Dead Redemption 2. The water was infected with a strain of cholera which would eventually kill people if they were swimming in the water for too long. Then years later in Red Dead Redemption 1, the water had become more polluted with a more toxic strain of cholera which would kill people instantly if it got past their knee level. It was hard times back in those days.

Edited July 27th by Welsh_Gamer
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Grand theft auto had a pretty crazy water mechanic -- you can be set on fire, shot at by a helicopter, flung into the air as your car falls on top of you, and yet going into the water will automatically drown you. The water is actually lava, clearly.

My absolute favorite though is the swimming mechanic in the wind waker -- here's a kid who's lived on a small island surrounded by ocean his whole life, in a world that takes a boat to get anywhere whatsoever, and yet he can't swim for more than half a minute. Even kid link could swim better, and he grew up in a fucking forest!

Posted July 27th by Xhin
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Ground's what's around

Yeah, water can be a pain in the ass sometimes. But dihydrogen monoxide though, that stuff is dangerous.

Posted July 27th by Black Yoshi
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So, game designers were tasked with designing worlds and levels with obstacles and hazards and mechanics that are supposed to be challenging. Water is a very easy thing to make too challenging, and very difficult to handle controls well. Think about it: you're basically free flying, but you have to give the feeling that there's a fluid in front of you, not just free air. Nothing about water movement is graceful, unless it's a jet ski game, or you're a fish, or something.

The only way to "fix" water is to "break" it. Super Mario Galaxy basically propelled Mario forward every spin, and if he grabbed a shell it would drag him forward at an even keel. That was some of the best swimming mechanics I've ever played in a game, and it would make absolutely no sense for any other.

Posted July 28th by mariomguy
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I appreciated the swimming mechanics in Far Cry: Instincts on the Xbox. The water wasn't dark as fuck, you swam with the speed of a predator instead of a hamstrung ox and the water was pretty open-ended and natural so you weren't railroaded into bullshit oxygen-management.

Posted July 28th by Cruinn-Annuin
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I don't think I've ever encountered a water level that I liked.

Literally the only water levels I enjoyed were the ones in Donkey Kong Country.

Posted July 28th by Jet Presto
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