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Who's still around?
Posted: Posted October 16th by Xhin
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GTX0 has kind of reached a ridiculous drop in activity. Which is understandable for multiple reasons.

My IRL is still messed up, and it's been like this for so long it's probably just going to stay that way, so instead of waiting, I'm going to go ahead and make another push to get this site back in some capacity -- expect to see more regular updates about GTX0, NIFE, as well as Shatterloop since I'm picking that project back up again too. Starting tonight on all three.

Other than that, the main point of this post is to find out who's still around, and if anyone wants to help in some capacity. Even just adding some feedback is very helpful.

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Also another thing -- those of you who I *don't* have on some messenger service, what are you guys using now and how can I reach you? If you want to chat sometime, that is.

Posted October 16th by Xhin
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Ground's what's around

I'm usually lurking, just hasn't been much to talk about lately. I look forward to constructively criticizing everything you do.

Posted October 16th by Count Dooku
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I still check in a few times daily. Welsh Gamer is our most active user now.

I'm on Discord for chat. ID: Majora Prime#2868

Posted October 16th by Vandy
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I am here I guess.

Sorry to hear your RL isn't getting any better.

Posted October 16th by Cetasaurus
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Formerly KM8

More lurking than posting, but still around.

Discord: Asriel "Noodles" Dreemurr#1073

Edited October 16th by Black Yoshi
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I'm here, but I've been busy with my new job and focusing on my game. I haven't had time to post much. (Would love to talk about Final Fantasy VII Remake with people.) I plan to host a Smash Ultimate online tourney on gtx0 at some point.

Posted October 16th by Laxan
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I'm still here, to no one's surprise.

Edited October 16th by Moonray
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Lurking....trying not to catch malaria....

Posted October 16th by S.o.h.
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Welsh Gamer is our most active user now.


Posted October 16th by Pirate_Ninja
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I'm still here. Check the site 5-6 ties a day.
Don't post very much anymore because to be very honest I don't find the Threads interesting anymore.

Edited October 16th by chiefsonny
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