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Whoopie pie eating etiquette
Posted: Posted June 19th by Whoopie pies are the best
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1. If you eat one on a Tuesday, you need to wear a propellor cap
2. Always shower before you eat a whoopie pie
3. Please keep your seatbelt securely fastened while eating a whoopie pie.
5. Before digging in, sing the whoopie pie theme song. It goes like this. "Whoopie whoopie whoopie whoopie, PIIIIIE! I want a piece, you want a piece, whoopie whoppie whoopie whoopie, PIIIIIE! Looks like a burger but it's sweet like a cake, whoopie whoopie whoopie whoopie whoopie, PIIIIIE! Whoopie whoopie whoopie whoopie, PIIIIIE!"
6. I skipped rule 4
7. I ❤ whoopie pies

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If I eat one on Tuesday, can I shower with my propeller cap on to speed up the process? Also can I eat it IN the shower after I sing? (I love singing in the shower).

Posted June 22nd by Fox Forever
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Not unless you have a seatbelt in the shower, since that's another requirement.

Actually, adding a seatbelt to your propeller cap would greatly improve that process.

Posted June 22nd by Xhin
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I don’t think I’m allowed to eat them anymore, since diagnosed with diabetes type II.

Posted Monday by chiarizio
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