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Who would win in a fight?
Posted: Posted October 3rd, 2017
Edited October 3rd, 2017 by Dr.Dre

Who would win out of the following in a dirty street real fight with knuckles and legs?

Ash vs Misty
Ash vs Brock
Misty vs James
Misty vs Brock
Ash vs Jessy
Ash vs professor Oak

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well obviously we have to assume they're not on good terms or otherwise interested in each other and want to fight

Ash vs Misty

Ash is a wuss and would get destroyed. I feel like body and/or head scissors would be involved.

Ash vs Brock

Brock, no contest. If there's a girl on the line, Ash may need hospitalization.

Misty vs James

his rich-boy upbringing has probably not led to James being a great fighter. But judging by the amount of punishment Team Rocket endures on a regular basis, he can probably take a lot of abuse if needed while looking for an opening. Starts in her favor, but if she can't close it out without getting sloppy he'll turn it around on her.

Misty vs Brock

probably a solid fight. I think I'd give the edge to Brock, especially if this is after they've traveled together for a while and she's been constantly interfering with his flirting. Gotta get past the tomboy to get that Nurse Joy.

Ash vs Jessy

good lord that boy is done

Ash vs professor Oak

Ash might actually stand a chance against an old man, but he's also sort of a wild card. He doesn't act old and as far as I know his past isn't well-known. He might have been a real badass who can still get things done - really, it wouldn't surprise me.

Posted October 4th, 2017 by Pirate_Ninja

Misty beats all, because she always had that magic mallet that always popped out of nowhere. Then Brock is bad, but if we'd wait long enough, Ash's perpetual youth would make it unfair.

Posted October 10th, 2017 by Kohlrak
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