Which online multiplayer games are people here into these days?
Posted: Posted October 10th by I killed Mufasa
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I've been looking for something to play. Don't really care what it is. I have Switch, Xbone, PS4 and PC so I won't discriminate.

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I play Team Fortress 2 most of the time, but I also play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege and Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 is PvE, if that matters. I consider it really comfy.

Posted October 10th by Hideous Destructor
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I still hop on Guild Wars 2 every so often, but usually just for the story updates these days.

Been playing Star Wars Squadrons that recently came out. It's a nice amount of fun.

Risk of Rain 2 was fun enough when I played with Dooku.

Halo Master Cheif Collection has been slowly releasing on PC alive been playing that with a friend too, when the multiplayer actually works (honestly you'd thing they could've fixed this whilst porting it to PC instead of leaving it broken).

Otherwise I've not really been playing a lot of multiplayer games at the moment. I don't really get a lot out of playing with random people on the internet so my online gaming tends to be reserved for people I already know, usually in co-op games too, but there's just not been a lot I've wanted to play.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. Its double cash in the missions right now

Posted October 10th by Welsh_Gamer
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Posted October 11th by mariomguy
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I'm surprised you like Fortnite Mguy. Not that I have an opinion about the game myself. Just seems like the kind of game you'd give a hard time.

Posted October 12th by I killed Mufasa
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There's a certain balance to the game, you can tackle it from so many angles, the strategy is incredibly deep, but not complicated at all. You can choose to play stealthy, hide back, don't get involved, and try to outlive everyone else. Your weapons will be terrible, but you'll live. You can try to farm materials, scavenge, and upgrade weapons so you end up with great weapons in a more surefire way without having to engage in combat. Or you can go nutso with combat and pray that you don't get shot first and die. Playing duos with a friend in voice chat is an absolutely incredible experience. The game is pretty well balanced and really good at keeping you on your toes. It doesn't get boring.

I have criticisms for sure. I think the combat is a little too short. You can get sniped in the head from someone hiding in a bush across the map and die instantly. A few good shots to the head with any weapon will kill faster than the other player can respond. The game can't make up its mind how good shotguns should be, and seems to have settled on making them useless unless you're right in front of someone's face, so it's better to just use the assault rifle for practically everything. If you do get hit so much of your health goes down, you have to spend so much time healing up, which gives the player who made the first good shot the advantage for the rest of the fight. If you're aggressive and halfway decent in combat, chances are you'll succeed. If you are stealthy, chances are you'll succeed. But if you play combat defensively, chances are you'll get hit eventually and it all goes downhill from there.

I love multiplayer when it's done well, I just don't like it when single player games lean on multiplayer to cover up issues with replay value in the main experience. Multiplayer shouldn't be a crutch for basic single player.

Posted October 12th by mariomguy
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Sad thing is.. I haven't gotten into online at all this generation. I was really reallly into it during the wii and wii u days, but I just haven't had the feel to on the switch. I think the big drive back then was call of duty on those platforms. I had voice chat and I actually had friends online to play with. That kept it going for me.

Only onlne feature/game I've played now this gen, on switch, is dark souls when mofos invaded me and I summoned people. No MK8D or even Smash online. So sad. I do want to get into it and play with people on GTXO. Just gotta make a plan. .-.

Posted October 13th by ShadowFox08
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A good free to play online game thats ont he Switch as well as PC, PS4 and XBOX is Dauntless. It's a like if you were to take Monster Hunter and make it an online experience. There are different classes of monsters that each have thier own behaviors. Add elements ontop of that such as a ICE monster that's weak to Fire weapons, but you have to wear armor that protects you from ice damage. You then take the parts you get from killing each monster and use them to make weapons and armor as well as upgrade them. You start off in a hub town where you pick up quests and then join a que where you'll get matched up with 3 other players.

Yeah there is stuff in the game that you can buy a battle pass for but you can totally experience nearly all of the games content for free. And This game is also made by EPIC so if you already have an account for Fortnite you can carry that account over to Dauntless.

Give it a try, like I said it's free so you only will be wating a few hours of your time if you end up not liking it.

Posted October 13th by Q
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I gave Dauntless a try a while back but couldn't get into it. I think one of the things that keeps me going back to MHW was that I found a weapon that I really enjoyed the playstyle of, and then suddenly the monster hunting became even more fun. With Dauntless I struggled to enjoy any of the weapons, so hunting the monsters I guess just didn't feel as fun.

Edited October 13th by Moonray
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Honestly can't remember the last online game I played. My friend and I tried to play Monster Hunter World together, but we couldn't figure out how to join each other's games. (So we wound up just playing the first couple hours on our own, but with our mics on so we could chat and keep each other up to date in our progress.) Probably A Way Out was the only other game this year I played that was an online co-op experience. Definitely fell out of online games a while ago.

Posted October 13th by Jet Presto
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