Which game series which is similar to GTA is your favourite? (Updated)
Posted: Posted August 13th
Edited October 24th by Welsh_Gamer
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EDIT: Wheelman needs to be in this poll. I only just found out about the game today (24th October 2019). It is supposed to be the best game ever starring Vin Diesel. I also found about a game called Gangs of London which also needs to be on this poll.

Which game series which is similar to GTA is your favourite?

--Not including the GTA series itself or the Red Dead series because everyone will vote for those options if they are included--

If anyone can think of anymore game series where you can roam around freely and steal people's cars or horses, let me know

Also take a look at these real life San Francisco photos in comparison to screenshots from Watch Dogs 2.

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Who voted for the Jak & Daxter series?

Posted August 14th by Welsh_Gamer
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Lego City all da time

Posted August 14th by WreckItRalphWiggum
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Has anyone on this website actually played all of those games in the poll?

Posted September 18th by Welsh_Gamer
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I didn't play any of them.

Posted September 19th by mariomguy
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mariomguy you are missing out.

Posted September 19th by Welsh_Gamer
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Saints Row 2 was my shit when I was 15-16. I played that more than the GTA games. I customized my character to be a skinny black guy dressed in all pink with a pink car. That game had personality.

Posted September 19th by MarvaIo
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I haven't played ALL of these games...

Have played:
Saints Row Series
Watch Dogs Series
Crackdown Series
Mafia Series
Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
The Simpsons Hit & Run
L.A Noire
Bully Scholarship Edition
State of Decay Series
Mercenaries Series
Just Cause Series
Yakuza Series

Own but haven't played:
Agents of Mayhem
The Saboteur

Haven't played:
The Getaway Series
APB Reloaded
Ghost Recon Wildlands
Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Total Overdose
The Godfather Series
Scarface the World Is Yours
Retro City Rampage
Shakedown: Hawaii
American Fugitive
Some of the Driver games
True Crime Series
Jak & Daxter Series
Lego City Undercover

Posted September 19th by Fox Forever
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I’ve only played the 1st godfather

Posted September 20th by Freeman’s crowbar
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Most people seem to think Saints Row 2 is the best out of the Saints Row games.

Fox_Forever you can download APB Reloaded for free on Xbox One or PS4. But the game has mixed reviews though.

Posted September 20th by Welsh_Gamer
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I had it downloaded at one point but the reviews turned me off. Didn't bother with it again.

Posted September 20th by Fox Forever
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