Which 2020 games are you guys stoked about?
Posted: Posted February 16th
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For me it's gotta be Last of Us Part II, Halo Infinite, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. Last of Us feel like it's been a really long wait and I half thought that sony might just ditch the PS4 launch window completely and make is a PS5 launch title (which honestly wouldn't be a bad strategy to get people to buy a PS5). But Sony isn't going to miss out on it's massive install base like that.

Halo Infinite is still a bit of a mystery but I won't have to upgrade my X1X for a couple years ago so that's a major bonus for sure.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a game I'm gonna get my nephews into.

I'm wondering if Rockstar might release Grand Theft Auto 6 this year so that they can double dip on sales again by hitting PS4 and Xbox One, and then XSX and PS5. If it's an otherwise quiet year for them maybe it would be a good time to drop GTAV or red dead on switch.

Resident Evil 3 seems like it might be an interesting game as well. And it has me wondering if we'll ever see a complete remake of Resident Evil 4 in the next couple of years. Preferably a version with slightly easier controls because that game is a bitch without a wii remote.

And I have no idea what Microsoft is doing with Forza since they didn't release a game of any kind last year.

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For me its Resident Evil 3 remake and the Last of Us 2. I am weary when it comes to naughty dog as they butchered uncharted 4. I am hoping they knock it out of the park.

It will be a couple of years before I play either one though.

Posted February 16th by S.o.h.
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Yeah I waited for a large price drop before I bought Resi 7 and Resi 2 remake. For two reasons. I wanted to see how much lame dlc they were going to try to sell me, and also because games are just stupid expensive these days. I'm getting really annoyed by games like Smash Bros and Pokemon releasing expensive paid digital content now. Because it just lowers the value of the cart. It's really just an amateurish Ubisoft move on Ninty's part and Nintendo's franchises are going to depreciate in value if digital content becomes their mainsteam. Maybe not from a stockholder's perspective but definitely from a collector's.

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Yeah I am weary about buying a switch lite as my savings and current monthly allowance can't afford to take the hit of a 60 dollar game every few months since nintemdo games rarely drop in price.

Re2 was worth it at launch though. Old about any dlc that came out for it. Had a blast with the base game and the scenarios after I beat the Hunk mission I traded it in lol

Posted February 16th by S.o.h.
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What do you think might happen with Resi 4, since it seems to be next in line to be remastered? It's easily the most popular and well known one, so they'd really be foolish to skip it. Resident Evil 4 is the Final Fantasy 7 of Resident Evil games. MAYBE not the best but the one that's gonna sell every time. I think Capcom makes the best remakes of any dev. Square-Enix could honestly learn a lot from them.

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Risk of Rain 2. It's one of the three games that I still play. Currently in Early Access. The next update is slated to fix the two main things that I want: updated Unity version for better stability and Artifacts for more control over gameplay trends.

Posted February 16th by 9x19
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Persona 5: The Royal. I'm taking a week off to play it when it comes out on March 31. I've already rambled on in previous threads about how much I adore the original release of Persona 5 so I'll just leave it at that.

Also The Last Of Us Part II.

Risk of Rain 2

I had trouble getting into the original but I love the idea of it and thought it was incredibly well-made. I think it's a game I'd enjoy more watching it be played by someone else who knows what they're doing. I've seen gameplay of Risk of Rain 2 and it looks really cool.

Posted February 16th by Jo Nathan
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Halo Infinite. It seems 343 have been doing all of the right things, including taking the extra time to make sure they get this one right. A new engine is exciting, plus the fact that it will debut the new Xbox Series X.

Posted February 16th by Vandy
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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
Dying Light 2
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Ori: The Will of the Wisp

Funnily enough I think all four of them were set for release last year and got delayed into 2020.

Dying Light 2 may even end up being next year as they're not committing to a release date after delaying it again. Hopefully all these delays mean a better game at the end of it and aren't signs of troubled development. I've been concerned since announcement that they might've been too ambitious with their plans.

Will likely also get Halo Infinite if the PC version releases this year alongside the console version. Though that's not necessarily one I'm excited and really looking forward to, it's just a game I expect I'll enjoy so I'll probably pick it up.

Posted February 16th by Moonray
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Not too many that I'm super stoked about, besides The Last of Us Part II. But there are some that I'm definitely interested in.

No More Heroes 3
Little Nightmares 2
Gears Tactics
Final Fantasy VII: Remake
Dying Light 2
Cyberpunk 2077
12 Minutes
Lightmatter (which I know is out, but only on Steam and I don't have a working computer besides my Chromebook, so I kinda need that to come out for something else; ideally Switch.)

Posted February 16th by Jet Presto
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Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Cyberpunk 2077, TLoU: Part II, and Doom Eternal. Curious about Ghost of Tsushima, Gods and Monsters, and 12 Minutes.

Posted February 16th by Orion Nebula
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