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In-character posts may contain disturbing or explicit content.

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When You're Evil [Rx]
Posted: Posted August 2nd, 2016 by Lottie Cavalcante

OOC: This RP goes with the sign up down there. If you wanna join, go there first please.

A record player filled the oversized bedroom with a muddled cacophony of, what could only be described as noise. What was once the beautiful melody of a violin, the graceful consonance that it maintained with the piano had quickly turned into a grotesque screech. It wouldn’t be the first time that Lottie had to repurchase this record; it just contained so many of her favorite songs. She couldn’t resist playing the record until she could no longer recognize what she was hearing. There was no lighting within her room except for the soft light coming from the vanity she sat in front of. With careful precision, Lottie lined her eyes, colored her full lips with a blood red paint. The corners of her mouth were slightly upturned in an almost psychotic smile; the strange sounds coming from the record player did nothing to take away from this appearance. If you listened closely, you could even hear Lottie humming softly to herself.

Why was she happy? Why, Lottie was doing one of her most favorite activities in this whole, wide, wicked world: hosting a dinner party. Though, the guests to this dinner party were less than favorable. Lottie had planned this one for her lovely brother, Sylvester. The guest list contained many important associates of his, all of them stemming from that damned, disgusting Mafia. Knowing her displeasure for the filth that her family was correlated with, it might come as a surprise to Sylvester how happy and satisfied Lottie seemed to be about the night ahead of them.

But what had something planned for the night. Something that would surely be the talk of the town.

Lottie placed her dress over her thin frame. It was a shapeless, floor length gown, completed covered in expensive beading. The gold, sheer beaded material rested gently over the pastel pink chiffon that laid underneath in. She examined her hair to make sure her finger waves were in all the right places, her neck and arms covered in gold jewelry. For her finishing touch, she placed a small, light pink rose bud behind her left ear.

Coming down the stairs, she could see that her brother was already being overwhelmed by the amount of guests that had arrived. Looking towards the door, Lottie could see the late comers slowly handing their coats to the servants, grabbing a glass of illegal moonshine from silver platters. They locked eyes for a few moments: his stern jaw whispered calm and collected, his eyes screamed “Get these annoying people away from me.” With a soft smile and a wave of the hand, Lottie went in the completely opposite direction. She wasn’t drunk enough to be able to entertain these people yet. Grabbing a drink for herself, she gracefully walked around the ballroom, shaking hands and kissing cheeks as needed.

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(((Sorry I haven't posted yet. I've been trying to think of an appropriate entrance. Being homeless hasn't helped much either)))

Posted August 4th, 2016 by Ghowilo

Reed's assistant, at least a decade his elder, began addressing him even before she'd passed through his office door. "We received an anonymous tip on illegal liquor consumption."

Reed looked up from his paperwork and blinked. "Good evening, Melinda," he replied with a hint of irony. "What the hell are you telling me for?" The aggression of his words was undercut by his apathetic tone.

"Sir, you're the only person ranked for investigation in the precinct right now." He could practically hear her rolling her eyes at him. She was overqualified for this job, Reed thought, but she'd held it since before his father had retired from the department.

"What the fuck," Reed whispered. He stood up and walked past Melinda, peering out into an empty building. He ducked back into the office, then turned and asked, "Where's officer Jaimes?"

"He and the lieutenant are investigating a speakeasy."

"And detective Ford?"

"Didn't show up for his shift. Everyone else currently on-the-clock is in the field."

Reed muttered something under his breath and lurched back to his chair, sinking into the leather. He looked up at Melinda plaintively, who looked down on him without response. Reed sighed and asked, "Think we can trust Ford?"

"It's not my place, sir."

"Please," quipped Reed. "You're a sharper investigator than half the department, with twice as much experience working here. And what use are you to me if you can't spy on corrupt policemen?"

"I can deliver your memos," Melinda replied, a hint of a smile crossing her face.

Reed chuckled softly and lapsed into silence. The thought of going out to bust what was probably a bunch of drunk young men from a well-to-do family wore him out. "If I promote you to detective, can you go check out the liquor thing?"

Melinda scoffed, then smiled in spite of herself. "You have to stop trying to make me detective."

Reed frowned. "But why?" Melinda was shrewd, but better than that, trustworthy.

"I already explained," Melinda said, walking to set a slip of paper on his desk. It contained notes about their anonymous tip.

"Yeah – you'd disgrace your husband by taking up unladylike work," Reed muttered.

"Now, that's reductive," Melinda replied.

"Do people really still care about that stuff?"

"It depends on who raised you."

Reed sighed and ran a hand through his hair, leaving the short blond strands somewhat askew.

"Speaking of which, I don't suppose your former deputy director of a father would approve, either," Melinda added over her shoulder, as she began to walk away. She knew what to say to provoke him.

Reed groaned at the mention of his father, but Melinda was gone before she would have heard, door closing behind her.

There was a brief moment of silence before he opened a drawer and withdrew his badge and gun. He stood up and attached them to his uniform, then picked up the slip of paper and donned his police jacket. He scanned the information as he stepped out of his office. "Wish me luck," he sighed in passing, walking by Melinda's desk. She flicked her eyes up at him, but said nothing and returned to her work.

Reed parked around the corner from the address Melinda had indicated in her note. He stepped into the evening air and closed his car door. The sky was overcast; a small patch of pale light shone through the clouds that veiled the moon. He put his hands in his pockets and walked up to the door. Inside he could hear the bustle of many guests. He didn't look forward to crashing the party.

Quite by accident, the door swung open when he knocked; whoever had closed it last hadn't shut it hard enough that the latch clicked into place. Faces near the entrance turned his direction. The light from inside illuminated the step where he stood, and the frame of the door displayed him like a picture. Reed appraised the houseguests, suddenly feeling exposed in his police uniform. Oh, wow, Reed thought, matter-of-factly. Many of these people were familiar to him, people he'd seen in the snapshots of suspected mafia members that piled up on his desk. Some of them even had their own files. I'm going to die. Had all this been a setup? How elaborate?

Posted August 7th, 2016 by Susurrous

Marco took note as silence spread through the house like a wave. He'd been sitting out back smoking a cigarette and speaking with a few mafiosos about their taste in women. One of them was telling him about his fondness for the "Black Venus" as they were sometimes called by the Italians. But at this point in the night, Matchmaker realized it was time that someone investigated what was going on inside the house. He began to move in, and realizing that everyone had their backs turned towards the cop who had just exposed himself, Marco dipped into a bathroom and locked the door. Inside, he put on a jacket and a masquerade mask with one of those long noses. Hood up, he walked back into the croud.

He had to push some people out of his way as they were paying him no mind, but he eventually made his way to the front door with the officer. He looked up at the cop who stood three inches taller than himself and spoke with a calm and cool demeaner.

Good evening, sir. How may we help you this evening? Surely there is no problem here. Would you like a cup of coffee?

The Raven had been leaning on his cane, black feathers came out from inside his hood as his cold blue eyes looked deeply into the cops.

Edited August 8th, 2016 by Ghowilo

((So I thought up the basic structure of a reply – not a very good one tbh – but I haven't been feeling well enough to write. I'm just gonna post the skeleton, so that we can get things rolling, and hopefully do better once it's my turn again! My apologies.))

Amara had been cautioned about the dangers of her new work so many times that it had become an annoyance. It didn't help that several months had elapsed already, and she'd been so lucky as to not have met with violence. Something was different tonight. She felt it intuitively, but was unable to procure any real explanation as to her uneasiness. She put the sensation to the back of her head, a decision she'd come to regret.

Her buyer was in an agitated state, unwilling to pay the usual price for his Chemical X. Perhaps he was suffering from withdrawal. Amara refused to bargain, knowing it was not something she could afford – she was already selling at the lowest price. The buyer grabbed her violently, but before he could do more damage, Amara fought back. She was at a physical disadvantage, unable to stand her own against him. However, she was able to escape his grip, stun him momentarily with an unexpected blow to the nose, and turn to run.

She could hear him pursuing her and felt panic rising in her chest. The thought that he might still be powered up on his last dose frightened her, but she could tell that there was still a fair distance between them, still a chance for her to get away. She knew she had to get somewhere populated. This was unfortunate because most of her meetings with buyers took place a good distance from potential witnesses.

She banked around a corner and began to run a road that she knew would lead to a residential area. She couldn't hear the buyer's footsteps behind her at this point, but was not convinced he wasn't still close. Finally, her pounding feet took her into the glow of a lamp that lit a sidewalk. She followed the concrete path, desperately scanning the street for someone or something that could shelter her.

Her eyes fell upon a uniformed police officer standing in a doorway, talking to someone who appeared to be wearing a mask. Slowing her pace, disbelieving her luck, and trying to catch her breath, she approached them. She addressed the policeman breathlessly, "Hello." Relief began to flood through her. "I-I need some help. I was being chased." She used the past tense because, in all likelihood, her pursuer wouldn't dare to come closer if he saw her talking to a cop.

((edit: This ended up longer than I expected haha))

Edited August 10th, 2016 by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

OOC: If none of this makes sense, I am drunk and will probably read over this when I'm sober to see if I need to edit thx

Her figure casually walked through the crowd, the alcohol slowly taking effect on her body. As the event around her slowed down, a calming feeling came over her body. Reaching into a pocket, she took out two pills and swallowed them with ease. Turning her head, she watched as her brother chatted up a man who she was all too familiar with. This was the man that her mother wished for him to marry. Of course, Lottie was uninterested in marrying a man associated with the mafia but her mother saw it as a perfect match. A man that would always forgive her. A man who would be unfazed by the cruelness of the world. A man who knew all her secrets and would be okay with them. That's just what gangsters do.

She was uninterested in repeating her mother's mistakes. She was uninterested in being black and blue. As she ended her private monologue, an eerie silence came upon the party. Looking towards the direction in which everyone's attention was drawn, she saw a man in a.... police uniform? Downing her drink, she placed her empty glass on the nearest platter. Whenever the crooked cops and politicians were invited, they came themselves. They never sent someone in their place. The same confused expression seemed to be glued upon everyone's face.

Of course, The Raven seemed to be on top of his game. Lottie could at least count on him for that. The corner of her mouth lifted into a smile as she watched the scene. She had forgotten how sadistic alcohol had made her. A small flame of rage was beginning to fill within her belly. This man was ruining the plans that she had had for this party. And it seemed the night wasn't finished. Now a strange girl was at her house. However, she recognized this girl quickly.

The girl worked for her. 'Shit.' The girl would not recognize her for Lottie made sure to disguise herself to everyone.... but still. A small murmur began to erupt across the room. Walking to the door, Lottie put her hand upon the shoulder of the girl. "You are perfectly safe here." She gently motioned for the girl to come deeper into the room. Looking towards the police officer, she revealed a very warm smile. "Welcome to my home. As you can see, I am having a party to celebrate my brother's graduation from college. May I help you?"

Posted August 17th, 2016 by Lottie Cavalcante

((apologies. jakob will be assuming control of my character.))

Posted August 21st, 2016 by Susurrous

((Yeah sorry for the delay. Also I'm going to low-key auto my other character.))

Reed glanced from the masked man to the rest of the party members, noting that no one else was in costume. The outfit might have easily been made an object of ridicule were not for the poise of its wearer – his icy eyes and collected air demanded respect without the gracelessness of idle threat. The man was, in fact, quite polite. He spoke generously, even in his cool comportment. Reed nodded his appreciation, simultaneously keeping an eye on the mood of the party inside. The potential peril of this situation was still the thought that rang most loudly in his mind. He met the Raven's eyes and gave an airy laugh. "Coffee would be nice," he said dryly, unable to shake the slight smile that had crossed his face. What he really needed was alcohol.

Just then he heard footsteps approaching from behind. He turned slowly, posturing himself so his back was turned neither to the newcomer nor the Raven. He blinked at the woman who stood breathlessly on the doorstep, almost not hearing her words as the absurdity of the situation struck him. In the peripherals of his vision, Reed saw a woman join the Raven at his side. He turned his head to look at her as she began to speak.

She welcomed the frazzled citizen inside, and then spoke to Reed directly. She certainly seemed to be one of the more hospitable people Reed had met, equally polite to the costumed man at her side. He smiled at her. "Thank you. Perhaps you can," he replied, then began to shift his attention to the one who had been running from an unseen pursuant. "But I'd like to speak with–" his voice trailed off upon realizing that she had already disappeared into the crowded home. It struck him as strange that she wanted no further help from the police. There was no way to make any sort of apprehension if she wouldn't interview with him. It was almost as if she wanted to get away from the cop as quickly as she'd approached him. He spent a short time staring after where she might have gone, then gave up on trying to spot her and turned back to the homeowner and masked stranger.

He gave them half a shrug and a quiet sigh. "Forgive my intrusion," he began, trying to sound polite – perhaps failing to do so as his voice echoed slightly his lack of enthusiasm. The tone didn't diminish as he continued to speak, "I'm here because we received a notice that illegal alcohol consumption was taking place on the premises. Would you mind if I came in to look around?"

Posted August 23rd, 2016 by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

((Oh shit, is it my turn? I'll get back to you all tonight or tomorrow hopefully))

Posted August 25th, 2016 by Ghowilo

((I'm so so sorry, I'm a horrible mess. I honestly don't even really have time to be doing this right now but I'm going to make time.))

The Raven noted the police officer's warm demeanor, and nodded as he accepted his offer for coffee. With Lottie here with the officer things should be kept under control for a short enough period of time for him to complete this mundane task. He turned to his left and towards the kitchen. With his cane in his right hand, it moved simultaneously with his left foot as he walked. There was no actual need for it, at least none that currently need mentioning, it was all about impressions. The cop though, what was he going to do about him? The goal here was to get him to leave, no one would be happy with a dead cop... no one would be happier with a lot of busted mafiosos either. He shook his head, no that wouldn't do.

People made a path where The Raven walked as he proceeded towards the kitchen. He approached the counter where some young chap was sitting. He pointed a finger towards the ground and the kid got off, scoffing. As he walked past The Raven to leave, The Raven used his cane to smack the kid upside the head. He then grabbed a cup out of the cupboard and poured a shot of some pre-made espresso into the bottom, then put half that in the milk that had been delivered earlier this morning, and topping it off with a foam he whipped up from some cream, delivered with the milk. He put the cup on small china circle, placed a small spoon inside, and a small packet of cane sugar on the side of the dish beside where the coffee cup itself sat.

As he returned to the officer, he overheard him mentioning something about wanting to speak with someone. He was staring off somewhere into the crowd. He watched the man's face return to his mask's, and from behind it said

"Un cappuccino, per ti." ((A cappuccino, for you))

The officer then brought up the A word... Alcohol. Everyone in the room had heard it. Some of them started shifting around, and some left the room to dispose of the alcohol they had in their hands.

"We will surely accommodate you sir, I am sure you have all the appropriate paperwork. But first, sir, I made you a fine cappuccino, surely you will take a moment to sit down and enjoy it."

He stuck out his arm to the right, motioning towards a couple of couches in the living room. The people sitting in there scurried, and the rest of the room seemed to be clearing out as well. They were doing a good job of cleaning up.

Posted September 1st, 2016 by Ghowilo

The graciousness of the party host struck Amara, though anxiety about her current position – stuck between a lawman and a criminal – was more pressing in her thoughts. At the host's gestured invitation, Amara smiled up at her meekly, eyes shining with gratitude. She slipped through the doorway quickly, hoping to leave the sight of the policeman before he noticed. She didn't want any questions; the attention of law enforcement was now a threat more than a shelter. If she was found out as a member of Erebos, it would be she to get arrested.

As she moved into a crowded area of the house, she once again caught sight of the masked figure she'd seen the policeman talking to. He was walking with distinct self-assurance through the crowd. She couldn't help but notice how party-goers stepped quickly out of his way so that he could pass through with ease. Between his costume and the obvious respect he commanded from the crowd, he certainly presented a distinguished figure.

As the man walked back towards the front door, Amara noticed the tone of the party change. People began to dispose of their drinks, hastily clearing a space around the house foyer. It could easily be inferred that the policeman had been invited in. Her nervousness rekindling, Amara shuffled backwards a few steps, trying to stay hidden amongst the many bodies roving around. At this point, several of the guests had noticed her as an unfamiliar face. They looked at her as if trying to recall her name, faces turning suspicious when they could not. There was something about these people that seemed unnatural; they were not as relaxed as one would expect from your typical, unsuspecting group of citizens at a simple dinner party.

Starting to feel threatened by the crowd, Amara backed into the kitchen, which was sparsely populated. She thought that perhaps she would blend in better if she appeared to be helping, so she grabbed a damp dishrag and began to repeatedly scrub the same part of the kitchen counter, trying to appear occupied. It wasn't working as well as she would have hoped. She could still feel some of the suspicious stares coming from the house guests. She kept up what she was doing anyway, praying no one would instigate a confrontation.

Posted September 3rd, 2016 by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8
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