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What's everyone here's weekly availability? Is anyone *not* around on weekends?
Posted: Posted October 19th, 2018 by Xhin
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I finally have a pretty sane schedule where I get Friday through Sunday off every week. It's night shift but a saner version of it where I don't feel compelled to sleep until 9pm on my off days.

What is you guy's availability? I'd like to start doing a weekly/semi-weekly event where one of the following happens on the channels feature:

  • A movie night where we all watch something together that's free or otherwise doesn't fall under piracy

  • A music night where we take turns playing music for each other

  • A video night which is like the music night but they can be any YouTube videos whatsoever.

    When we get this going, I'm going to take out some Facebook ads and talk to my friends and get some people here for these events.

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    I usually am super busy on weekends but I check in for a few minutes here and there on them.

    Posted October 19th, 2018 by Fox Forever
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    Iím in the same boat as Fox. Trying to get more hours in so I can save up for school. I need a laptop. Tablet isnít working out for me, other than for viewing purposes.

    Posted October 20th, 2018 by Castrael
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    I'm down.

    Posted October 20th, 2018 by Agis
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    My schedule should be freeing up for the weekends so I am down.

    Posted October 20th, 2018 by S.o.h.
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    I'm down whenever. Sounds like a fun idea.

    Posted October 20th, 2018 by Count Dooku
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    It depends. I'm usually with friends on the weekends, and there are game dev meetups I attend regularly.

    Posted October 20th, 2018 by mariomguy
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    Random. I do take bribes for special appearances, however..

    Posted October 20th, 2018 by Jahoy Hoy
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    I am usually available at weekends but timezones would likely exclude me.

    Posted October 20th, 2018 by Moonray
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    I watch football all weekend long. We should all do a VIDEO GAME NIGHT where we all play each other in SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE for the NINTENDO SWITCH. Fox forever and jahoy hoy and pirate ninja definitely will be playing this game online when it comes out Christmas time. And I think vandy will too. Itís a fucking 8 player game, NOT JUST 4 like many are. Please set this up xhin. Also black yoshi is gonna play this game too but first he needs the available funds which right now he doesnít have. I wouldnít be here or even alive right now if it wasnít for this wonderful video game franchise.

    Posted October 20th, 2018 by Weid masahiro sakurai
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