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What part of the UK is Devil May Cry 5 set in?
Posted: Posted April 15th by Welsh_Gamer

I find it interesting when games are set in the UK. For example, The Getaway is set in London.

I played the demo of Devil May Cry 5 and noticed that the buildings, road signs and infrastructure seemed like it was set in the UK.

If it is a fictional city, what British city is it based on?

Also what other good games can you think of which are set in the UK?

Looking forward to Watch Dogs 3!

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Posted April 16th by Welsh_Gamer

DMC5 is the most accurate representation of Liverpool ive ever seen.

Posted April 17th by S.o.h.

I heard Dante lives around the corner from Sherlock Holmes.

Posted April 17th by Q

221A Baker Street, actually

Posted April 17th by Pirate_Ninja

Without knowing the game I would go with: it's probably inspired by London but not actually London because that's what it usually is :)

Posted April 17th by Moonray
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