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What mobile games are you playing or have played?
Posted: Posted July 7th by -Riku-

Right now I've got Fallout Shelter, Yugioh Duel Links, Chess, Checkers, Star Wars: KOTOR, and Fate/Grand Order. I'm really enjoying FGO and chess/checkers I play for quick amusement. YGODL and FS I keep around in case I feel like playing them for nostalgic reasons. KOTOR is a game I love and hate. I hate the TIE fighter sections and I hate the first world. But everything else is awesome

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Fortnite and pubg.

Posted July 7th by weid man

I completely forgot that KOTOR was out on mobile.

Do switch games count as mobile? If so I have been playing Fortnite and Mario Odyssey. Other than those I dont really mobile game.

Posted July 8th by Q

eh they're more console based than mobile

Posted July 8th by -Riku-
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