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First-person shooters.

Posted September 4th by Cruinn-Annuin


Posted September 4th by chiefsonny

Farm simulator

Posted September 4th by S o h
S o h

I find myself playing a lot more Unreal Tournament now because I can't find time to invest in the proper single-player gaming I used to, but I love the experience of those games a lot more.

Is it hypocritical to say I like single player, even though the last single player game I played from beginning to end was Undertale?

Posted September 4th by mariomguy

Strategy. Single player.

Edited September 5th by KnokkelMillennium


Posted September 5th by -Riku-

Politics & Religion

Posted September 5th by Agis

Generally RPGs and visual novels, especially if they ahve amystery genre bent to them.

Posted September 5th by tnu

Silent hill

Edited September 5th by Brandy

A mix of Both.

I preferably like games that have a strong single player and multiplayer component.

Posted September 5th by Q

I used to like games with Multiplayer but now that I'm busy with life constantly I'd rather play single player. I'm also heavily into Sandbox or adventure style games. I'm currently thriving on a combination of Yakuza and Breath of the Wild.

Posted September 6th by Fox Forever

When I was younger, I preferred JRPGs, but I think I've been tilting more towards Action RPGs in recent years.

As for single-player or multi-player, definitely single-player. Video games are something that I do when I want to unwind, and while there ARE some cooperative multi-player games, a lot of them seem to be more competitive.

Posted September 9th by Axem Great Water
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