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What is your least favorite episode of your favorite show?
Posted: Posted January 4th by Ceta
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Just thought that I would ask for no reason.

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Red Dwarf. Season 9 functions like 1 long episode and it's just terrible.

Posted January 6th by Fox Forever
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I really hated that one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in which Buffy was in a mental hospital and her parents’ divorce, all the vampires, her move to Sunnyvale, her little sister, all the demons and monsters, all the Scoobies, and everything and everybody except her mother, were all delusions.

Posted February 10th by chiarizio
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My favorite show is The Wire, but it's hard to pick out a worst episode of that show...if only because it's so heavily serialized that the episodes tend to bleed together. I'm currently in the midst of a rewatch, so maybe I'll have an answer once I'm done--if I have a least-favorite episode, it's almost certainly in Season 5. Because most of my favorite shows are serialized, it's easier for me to pick out the worst seasons than the worst individual episodes, but I'll take a few stabs at other favorite shows:

The Sopranos - "Christopher." Another show I'll need to rewatch to get a better idea, but this one always stuck out. I remember it being a pretty dreadful take on a Native American protest of Colombus Day in a show that wasn't particularly well-suited to tackling the issue. I could easily imagine one of the episodes in Season 6A taking this spot.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - "Doublemeat Palace." Buffy was inconsistent even in its best seasons--I don't know any show that could deliver episodes as strong as "Hush" or "Passion" in the same season as duds like "Where the Wild Things Are" and "Bad Eggs." But even in most of the other bad episodes of the show, the dialogue and humor usually had its fair share of hits. Not so much here--the monster was lame, the special effects were lame even by Buffy standards, and even the jokes failed to land. As an aside, I'm actually a fan of the episode chiarizio mentioned above, "Normal Again."

Angel - "She." While I'm on the Whedon chain, might as well hit this one. Again, the jokes don't land, and the guest star's acting is dreadful enough to kill the whole episode...particularly since the episode turned on the non-existent sexual chemistry she had with the lead.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - "The Great Divide." Pretty generic story, and another episode where the usually reliable humor doesn't land.

The Shield - "Co-Pilot." One of those episodes that immediately made me Google the show's worst episodes, and yep, this ranks. A flashback episode in a show that doesn't worry about backstory, and one whose characterizations really don't jibe with the characters or interactions as we understand them. Just an unnecessary mess.

Friday Night Lights - "Last Days of Summer." Kicks off two of the worst plot arcs on the show--the Tyra-Landry mess in Season 2 and Julie's dalliance with the Swede.

The West Wing - "Dogs of War." Think this is the biggest hit the show took thanks to Sorkin leaving the show--while the whole Zoey plotline kicked off at the end of the previous season was pretty over-the-top, there were strong hints it wasn't what it seemed...but the new showrunners didn't seem to get the memo and resolved it in the most boring and obvious way possible.

Game of Thrones - "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken." Prior to Season 8, this was the obvious answer. Virtually every ranked list of episodes had this one at the very bottom. Sadly, Season 8 offered a couple of contenders for this spot, but I'll stick with this one because of how centralized the boring (and nonsensical) Dorne plotline was, particularly since this episode included the lamest fight sequence of the show...to say nothing of the, err, problematic Winterfell plotline that includes one of the few scenes in all of television I refuse to rewatch.

Interesting exercise. It's a lot easier to remember the best episodes of the shows that I love, for obvious reasons, but no TV show (not even The Wire) is perfect.

Posted February 11th by white lancer
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When it comes to Seinfeld I really cant find an episode I do not like. I even get a kick out of Puerto Rican Day. But if I had to choose one it would be the last episode.

What an interesting way to end a series.

Posted February 12th by S.O.H.
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I have a lot of different "favorites," and a few different "worst" considerations.

My Little Pony: FiM - Dog and Pony Show

For a show that loves to eschew genre conventions, giving us an episode that plays right into those conventions seems very unusual. For some reason a lot of fans love this episode for how the main heroine, despite acting like a whining lady, triumphs through smarts and wit. But it's not actually smart if it's exactly what we expect. The message, if any, falls flat, and getting there has never been more annoying. It's hard to believe the writer of some of the better episodes of the series (Crusaders of the Lost Mark, The Mane Attraction, Pinkie Pride) wrote this.

My Little Pony: FiM - Spike at Your Service

The most awkward episode to watch and most frequently cited worst episode puts the idiot ball in the character who's supposed to be the voice of reason and wants us to laugh at his newfound incompetence to do anything right. Oh, and it's the whole "I owe you my life" shtick. It goes worse than you expect, and doesn't end with anything interesting. All that character destruction for no gain. Pity.

Grace and Frankie: The Credit Cards

To follow up what has to be one of the greatest pilots of all time with such an awkward episode must've really been a drag. The episode itself is merely serviceable, trudging along, and without very good resolve. The characters have second thoughts, and what was once clear has now become very muddy. None of the characters look their best, Grace acting like a whining B, Frankie acting like a complete nutjob, and Sol so wishy washy, none of it makes for very good television. And seeing where the characters are now in comparison to this episode? Oof. The show is spellbinding when it works, but sufferable when it doesn't. The rest of the show just tries to recover from this tremendous crash from the pilot. Perhaps the show works better as a comedy, but the big problem with The Credit Cards is not just how mediocre the episode is, but how much better we know they can do.

Posted February 12th by mariomguy
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