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What I especially love about FMA Brotherhood
Posted: Posted February 4th, 2018 by -Riku-

One thing I've noticed across most, if not all, shonen anime is that only the main character and a few others with abilities similar to his/her's get to help save the day. However, FMA Brotherhood is different. While alchemists and their alchemy play a big role in the show's story, there are others out there who are just as awesome and important to the story who AREN'T alchemists.

Riza Hawkeye and Winry Rockbell are two such examples. Both are ordinary humans, but play a vital role in the show's narrative. Riza is Mustang's right hand woman and is a skilled fighter. Her sharpshooter skills are second to none and even when facing off against someone who is physically superior to her, i.e. Barry the Slasher, she doesn't hesitate to fight. She also serves as Mustang's morality anchor to stop him from taking his revenge on Envy. Winry is Ed's mechanic and repairs his automail whenever he breaks it, which is often. She even helps provide a pivotal role in helping the brothers escape Kimbley and the senior staff of the military.

The men of Briggs. Not a single member of the Briggs forces is an alchemist yet these mother fuckers managed to push back Sloth and it's Bucaneer who helps deliver a mortal wound to Bradley who is another homonculus. Ling and Lan Fan are able to fight off Gluttoney and Wrath for a while and prove to be valuable allies for the Elrics.

So yeah. Just wanted to point this out. Good day

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