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What do you want the next pokemon region to be based off of
Posted: Posted February 8th by -Riku-

I would like to see the next generation based in China with the Great Wall being the inspiration for Victory Road. The Gym leaders and elite four could be descendants of ancient Chinese historical figures

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What if I told you that rumors on the street were that it it was based on Spain and Scotland? O_O o_O

Ehh I dunno. I want something different for sure. We've covered tropical islands like Japan, Hawaii,mainland Murica, France...Would be cool to see south america or africa. Honestly, I don't care. As long as its a region different than what's already been done in the previous 7 games.

Posted February 9th by ShadowFox08

The Jurassic period would be cool. Or maybe in island inhabited by genetically modified dinosaurs brought by to life by gene sequencing and you are a poke trainer who specializes in dinosaur type Pokémon and you have to find a way to escape the island alive

Edited February 9th by Brandy


Posted February 9th by where the tropius live

I think it would be beautiful to do one based off of Italy, or Greece. Plenty of waterways, beautiful countrysides, villages with decorated alleyways, as well as big, bustling cities and landmarks! If this game was in 3D it would be astonishing!

Posted February 9th by mariomguy

An america-themed map (obviously on a smaller scale) would be really neat. A lot of biomes to play around with.

Posted February 11th by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

I actually found a video series based off of just that, a while back. Pretty interesting stuff.
As for what I would want to see... I guess I agree with mariomguy that Italy or Greece would be interesting. Haven't really given it much thought, before.

Posted February 12th by Axem Great Water

I want to see it in a cold region where all the starters are part ice-type. Fire/ice would be an interesting pokemon and they could base the region off of a mixture of iceland and hawaii. Volcanos on both tropical and icy islands.

Posted February 20th by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king


Posted February 20th by Agis

They could make pokemon based off of the Wizard of Oz. The Lion, the Tinman, Scarecrow, The Witch, and Oz

Posted February 20th by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king
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