Welp, perfect time to destroy our backlogs during this time
Posted: Posted March 17th by ShadowFox08
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So I'm basically on lockdown for the next 3 weeks and will be working from home. Anyone else doing the same?

To pass the time, I'm gonna complete as much of my backlog as possible.

So I'm currently playing:
-Link's Awakening

Backlogged (already opened):
-Dragon Quest Builders 2
-DB Xenoverse 2

Backlogged (haven't opened, brand new)
-Splatoon 2
-Final Fantasy X/X-2
-Dragon Quest 11
-Wonderful 101 from kickstarter (whenever it comes lol)

Gonna be playing Ring Fit every other day too, which I won't count as a backlog anyway.

Who wants to make a pledge to at least beat one game until this shit is all over? lol

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Wish I didn't have to go to work for a couple weeks and get more work done on my game. *sigh*

Posted March 17th by Laxan
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I still have to go into work for the time being. I have really been slaying my backlog lately though. I'll post my current stats:

Total Owned 902
Total Started 548
Total Finished 385
Owned Completion % 42.68%
Started Completion % 70.26%

Posted March 17th by Fox Forever
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Really gonna commit trying to be LA by the end if the week. Got side tracked hard by cod mobile. A friend got me to play it again.

Laxan, what do you do for work? Honestly it isn't that great. I am blessed and fortunate, but I feel bad and wish i could go back to normal. Especially being less active and not having a gym. Also, we gotta set up smash sooner than later

Crazy amount of games fox.

Posted March 19th by ShadowFox08
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I work in data construction. I map out telephone and coax and fiber cables that keeps us connected on the net!

Believe me, a quarantine would be just perfect for an introvert like me. And I wouldn't be doing nothing at home. I've got work to do on my game...

Posted March 19th by Laxan
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Been thinking about picking up where I left off in Sekiro, but with Doom: Eternal just around the corner, I may opt for that instead.

Posted March 19th by Orion Nebula
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I've been playing Ori and the Will of the Wisps since it dropped day 1 on Gamepass.

It's fun, and beautiful. However, there are pretty severe framerate issues in certain regions. And I have come across glitches that crash the game a few times. I'm hoping the developers can patch it before I complete it, because it really takes away from the beauty of the game.

Here are the game-breaking bugs I came across. The problem seems to stem from the hanging object on the right side, so it shouldn't be hard to remove it or fix it.
https://gameclips.io/Majora%20Prime/27e0e684-e184-42cb-bbbf-ea30c887a880/embed https://gameclips.io/Majora%20Prime/b56ad51f-6220-4e8f-a726-3c8ef8299448/embed

Posted March 19th by Vandy
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Crazy amount of games fox.

Lol, in that time since Tuesday I got 3 more games. Two from games with gold and one where I cashed in my bing search points and bought another one. I have actually slowed down in the last 6 months but with these 3 that makes it 15 games in the first quarter of 2020. Animal Crossing is coming soon too so that will be another game added.

Most of the games on Xbox I get are free or are paid with my bing searches so I'm really not actually spending a lot.

Posted March 19th by Fox Forever
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I decided to finally just finish my SNES games, so I started playing EARTHBOUND. And boy, was I annoyed at the part where you have to "input a password" which means literally stand there and not move for three full goddamn minutes.

But I'm also playing FINAL FANTASY XV, where I'm frequently just watching the computer drive a care for literally five full minutes.

And then I keep thinking about that goddamn cutscene in DEATH STRANDING where you meet up with Heartman and after 20 minutes of talking to you, he "died" for three minutes, and you literally just sit on the couch and look around the room for three full minutes.

I'm not sure I understand this joke and why it's shown up...well...ever, really.

Also replaying GEARS OF WAR 4. Don't remember much of it, but enjoying it. Definitely more than JUDGMENT.

Posted March 21st by Jet Presto
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I don’t know what backlogs are but I’m definitely going to be destroying some backwoods

Posted March 22nd by And the band played on
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I think I will try to play The Outer Worlds soon. Just installed it from gamepass.

Posted March 22nd by Vandy
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Believe me, a quarantine would be just perfect for an introvert like me. And I wouldn't be doing nothing at home. I've got work to do on my game...

I'm an introvert also, but I hate staying at home all day everyday. I miss the gym especially. I'd have 50hr work weeks and rush hour all over if I can get the gym (and movies), and normal life back again.

I finished Link's Awakening on Monday on the Switch at 15 hrs. Didn't care much for the create-a-dungeon thing and I'm probably not gonna touch it again, but I really enjoyed playing the game coming in with no expectations. The graphics and music are amazing, and there are some puzzles that tested my patience and made me rely on faqs.

Not sure what my next game will be... DQB2, Final Fantasy X or Doom. Might wanna open Splatoon 2 also.

Maybe we should play a game where we can see how many games on our backlog we complete in the year? +1 point for every game in our log we beat this year, and -1 for every new game we buy this year. We can discount sports games and games that don't have a story

So far this year I've beaten Dark Souls, Pokemon Sword and now Link's Awakening. This year I did buy Dragon Quest 11, Wonderful 101 (hasn't arrived yet.. so I wont' count it I guess). So I can say I have +2 points for the year

Edited March 25th by ShadowFox08
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I'm actually going to be running and jogging during my quarantine. As far as I know, there's no law enforced ahainst outdoor exercise. I need to get in shape...

Final Fantasy VII ia coming out soon, so that'll be my priority. Otherwise, I'm about to play Deadly Premonition on PS3.

Posted March 25th by Laxan
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Should probably work on my own backlog, but most of my attention is occupied with working through my backlog of light novels.

Posted March 26th by Axem Great Water
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already half way done the week and I haven't run yet. Trying to run/do cardio 3x a week, and is supposed to rain on saturday and sunday. welp lol

I haven't played on the switch since sunday. I'll try to get back on.. we should play smash sometime laxan.

Posted March 26th by ShadowFox08
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I know. Mostly only available on weekends, though.

Posted March 26th by Laxan
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