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Welcome to GTX0, people from the CWBB!
Posted: Posted January 31st
Edited February 1st by Xhin
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This is less of a move and more of a merge:

  • Your accounts have been imported. You can use your CWBB password to login here.

  • All threads and posts have been imported. Here's where everything has gone, and how to access CWBB posts specifically:

    Link Forum
    General General
    Canon Critique Music & Entertainment
    Game Mechanics & Games Video Games
    WIP Conworlds Worldbuilding
    World & Culture Worldbuilding
    Science Science, Math & Technology
    Magic & Science Fiction Worldbuilding
    Art & Language Creative
    Creative Writing Creative

    However, it's a better idea to access these forums individually with the large links at the top of the site. This will give you a mixed view of the posts, the gtx0 posts in the same category, and the post-merge posts as well.

  • Polls and their CWBB results have also been imported.

  • I'll be importing private messages today as well.

    Things to make you feel more at home

  • These are probably the best way of browsing the site:
    http://gtx0.com/index.php?forum=newest&mode=hot http://gtx0.com/index.php?forum=newest&mode=rep
    (Personal preference).

    You can also click "Filter" above any forum, select "Hottest" and it'll show the posts in the order that the CWBB would show them.

  • I added a bunch of world/magic/element-themed post icons. When you're making new posts, feel free to click on one of your choice to add some panache to your post. I also assigned them randomly to all previous CWBB posts. I can also add whatever 32x32 icon you want, post below if you have some suggestions.

  • The forum image at the top of this forum is yet another modified version of the classic conworlds.info logo.

  • I built GTX0 from scratch. I'm not joking when I say I can add pretty much any feature you want...

    Things you will probably enjoy

  • You can have multiple posting names linked to a single account. This allows you to do things such as post about your world as a member of it, keep different names around for different purposes on the site, change your posting name without making a new account, and so on. To get started with this, login and go to the Altnames feature:
  • The "avatars" system here is pretty unique -- there's a variety of styles and a lot of customization options. I've imported the ones from the CWBB, but you might want to make something new to take full advantage of these features:
  • Here's a list of useful GTX0 syntax to make formatting new posts easier:
    You can also read up on this guide (which needs to be updated):
  • Having a GTX0 account also gives you access to NIFE, which is a pretty powerful multiplayer text-based game engine. While some parts of it need work, one of the points of it is to let worldbuilders create interactable settings to showcase their worlds. You can read up on it some here:
    I'll make another post about this when I have some kind of guide or something. In the meantime feel free to play around on your own:
  • Obviously the biggest point of the merge is that you have a whole other community to interact with. There's a few people here that are actually interested in worldbuilding, but there's also quite a lot of people interested in science and culture in general, as well as roleplaying and especially video games. Respond to some interesting posts, make some new ones of your own, make some new friends, and above all, have fun. :)


    Here's the post that started the whole merge idea in the first place.
    I've locked it so that we can discuss things here instead.

    There might still be some lingering bugs. There are also a few things I'm working on today (list will be my next post below). There's also a lot to take in.

    Use this thread to post issues, concerns, help, features you'd like to see, suggestions, etc.

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    Hey guys :)

    If any of you are active gamers head over to [Video Game News & Discussions ] and make a post with your gamertags / IDs / friend codes and I can get you added to the gamer contacts list. Let us know what you play and maybe you can find someone here to play with. Lately some of the Nintendo crew have been playing Smash together.

    Edited January 31st by Vandy
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    Look forward to talking politics, video games, tv shows, movies, and irl stuff if you guys are interested.

    Posted January 31st by Agis
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    Quick update: CWBB links point to their respective GTX0 posts and/or the specific replies in them. This is true regardless of if the link is conworlds.fun, conworlds.com or conworlds.info

    Posted January 31st by Xhin
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    Sky's the limit

    Warm welcome to the CWBB folks! Looking forward to meeting you.

    Posted January 31st by Cetasaurus
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    Formerly KM8

    Welcome new folks. ^_^

    Posted January 31st by I killed Mufasa
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    I killed Mufasa
    long live the king

    Another update: private messages have been imported.

    Having them in ascending order when the community is from 2006 is kinda bad. You can archive posts but there's no way to see archived posts once that happens. Tl;dr the feature does need some work.

    Posted January 31st by Xhin
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    Sky's the limit

    Welcome new people! We are a rambunctious here with a number of interests and a very fond history. Make yourselves at home.

    Posted January 31st by S.o.h.
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    Edited January 31st by Moonray
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    Welcome CWBB peoples.

    Posted January 31st by Q
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    Thanks for the welcomes. I think I have a few things to write soon so I'll be seeing if they fit in existing threads or if I should make my own. Right now I have some chores to run.

    Posted January 31st by linguistcat
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    Posted January 31st by LLight
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    Most of them I uploaded for the GW2 forum back in 2012 but the four elements I uploaded for one of the games of Adventure (think it was the first arena style one).

    Posted February 1st by Moonray
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    And I even uploaded that moon one too. This clearly proves I had the best choice in post icons...

    Edited February 1st by Moonray
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    Welcome to the site! I was looking through some threads in the Worldbuilding and Creative forums earlier. Interesting stuff! Glad to have you all around.

    Posted February 1st by poptart!
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    Hope you enjoy the Site and all the things it has to offer.

    Posted February 1st by chiefsonny
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    Worldbuilding eh? this might not be so bad afterall

    Posted February 1st by tnu
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    Welcome :)

    Posted February 6th by Ophelia
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    Posted February 6th by Pirate_Ninja
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    Thank you guys for the welcome! Bringing in my quintizillion parsec universe, I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

    Edited February 28th by Leo
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    Hey, @Leo: , welcome!

    I always did like Osara. It'll be awesome to hear more about it.

    Incidentally if you need a place to keep your notes, you might be interested in this feature:

    Posted February 28th by Xhin
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    Sky's the limit

    Thanks Xhin, and thank you for your hard work moving the bunch of us to your place.

    Nifty wiki feature! I first need to gather my old material and revamp it before I can show anything digestible. I'll start with making a larger user icon.

    Posted February 28th by Leo
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    Good to hear!

    Posted March 1st by Xhin
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    Sky's the limit
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