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While I was on mobile my phone logged me into the site. (which is weird as I never log in)

and on my PMs and notifications I had messages from dozens of users. AnD multiple messages from one user. the site lagged out on me and logged me out. I logged back in and I could only see about 7-8 private messages total ranging from years back.

What happened to the dozens upon dozens of messages I saw? where are they? how do I access them?

hello jerry?

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So apparently there's a kinda bad glitch with the link I shared... But basically, login, click alerts and then click "View all conversations" and it'll show you an (almost) complete list of all private messages you've received.

Posted November 1st by Moonray

Fixed the kinda bad glitch and probably SOH's too.


Posted November 1st by Xhin
Fractal icious
Edited November 1st by Moonray

uh I wanted to see all those messages. I am only seeing like 12 o f them.

in the original glitch I saw notifications from knuckles. I cant see those on the messages link.

Posted November 1st by S.O.H.

uh I wanted to see all those messages. I am only seeing like 12 o f them.

Xhin fixed the glitch, so you won't be able to.

If it's what I think you were seeing, it was a bunch of messages that got sent off-path when the messaging system was down. So they (probably) weren't actually addressed to you. Whatever you're currently seeing when logged into your account are your actual messages.

Edited November 1st by Count Dooku

So I'm not popular. *cries*

Posted November 2nd by S.O.H.
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