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hello! i was jc, do you still do tai chi?

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No I don’t. I don’t do anything now basically. And the type of karate I did is called kempo.

Posted January 31st by Weid man

oh no im sorry :( do you miss it?

Posted January 31st by susurrous

Yes I do greatly

Posted January 31st by Weid man

thats hard im really sorry you had to give that up along w so much else. youre a great person i wish you could do more of the things you like to do. im glad you can still spend time w us on gtx0 i love seeing your posts around

Posted January 31st by susurrous

You are so kind susaorous, I wish you could do anything in your life that you want to do. It’s not fair with what you’re dealing with right now heing homeless and having to live in a shelter. I wish that you could come live with me. I have my sister’s room available to sleep in, since she got msrrried and doesn’t live in my house anymore. She lives in an apartment with her husband currently behcaude they still lack finances since they’ve only been married for one and a half years now and need to find good paying jobs which pertain to their degree’s in college (my sister is a cpa). They’ll eventually receive enough cash to buy their own home together, they’re in good hands. Are you able to find a job now I hope?

Posted February 1st by Weid man

aw ty so much weid man for your kindness tonight. i am actually living my mother currently so i am technically not homeless anymore! i hope that your sister and your brother-in-law will be able to find jobs that they are good at and enjoy and that pay them enough so they can start investing in their future :) im glad that things look fairly optimistic for them im sure youre right that theyre in good hands ^.^

Posted February 1st by susurrous
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