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Week of Gametalk (planning, ideas needed)
Posted: Posted July 4th, 2018 by Xhin
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Hey guys, GT is pretty much dead. I had an idea a few days ago to create a week-long set of events to either revive it or at least have one last big spike of activity. I don't know when to have it yet but not too soon. I was originally going to have it on one day, but having a whole week makes it kinda like a convention and should accommodate everyone's schedules.

The basic idea is to reach out to everyone from GT that I can find contact information for, try to get them all to at least visit during that week or ideally have events of their own. I also have some various events planned which I'll spread out over the week.

Things I have planned

  • Scrape the web archive of Gametalk for old posts and stick them in the database here. They'll be tagged whatever the forum they were in was for useful searching and reminiscing.

  • Find someone somehow that will host a mafia game and then reinvite the smwcentral people to play it with us.

  • Launch some type of NIFE game unless someone else wants to

  • Stream something game-related. Like ideally a bunch of people would stream different things at various times.

  • Open up team phoenix tools for everyone for a day, plus some new toys

  • Posting earns you a "Nostalgia buck" which you can spend on something or the other.

  • Launch post games based on the ones in the old project fun forum, ideally a different one each day.

  • Have a costume ball day where people can also vote on the best costume

  • Another one where people can vote on the best MyCard.

  • Make an all-time GT awards with various categories where people vote on the best GT stuff in its entire history

  • I think we're overdue for another GT Picture thread

  • A bigot post would be neat. I'll also search through old spyrit and GTX0 contests and see what I can find.

  • A bracket of deathmatches between various game series with a Finals round on the last day to determine GT's overall favorite game series.

  • A WWE Rumble provided I can find dragon2002 or someone who knows how those work

  • Deathmatches for individual game series to determine the best games in them

  • Bring back the pumpkin game / pyromania for a few days (not all 7, but not just one day either)

  • Do a stream feature lineup where people privately send me YouTube comedy gold and then have an event where I run them one after the other for everyone to view

  • Same kind of thing but for music

  • An achievement system where every Week of Gametalk event you participate in gets you an achievement and then I show the roster on day 8

  • A gifts system where you spend your currency to buy virtual gifts for other people (like a picture of a Nintendo switch), then an unwrapping day. This was planned for a GTX0 Christmas long ago

  • A collectibles system where various random things appear on random posts, first to click on it gets it and a weigh-in day where we get to see all the unique junk everyone has

  • A time-delay post feature if we don't already have it (I honestly don't remember) to put some of this stuff together beforehand

    Provided I can reach them and they agree

  • Mike's Likes -- a post where you can ask Mike Pooler what his favorite anything is

  • Legend of Denida -- a q&a session with Lord Denida, who's still a GT legend

  • Life in Japan/China/Italy/Great Britain -- Q&A sessions about these countries with members that live there (morbid Mel, agis, masse, Moonray/clarkey/smiling apple/arch)

  • Life in the Classroom for Shadowwalked, who's a professor


    Do you guys have any ideas for events of your own? Also feel free to make your own Q&A sessions too and I'll stick them in the schedule somewhere. Looking for anything and everything.

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    Aw man, I know it's not the intent but this sounds like some sort of last hoorah send-off of GameTalk. :(

    Stream something game-related. Like ideally a bunch of people would stream different things at various times.

    I can stream some during the week for sure.


    I have to go now but will post more later. In general I do like the idea.

    Posted July 4th, 2018 by Vandy
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    Mayhap try to schedule this for sometime around GTx0's anniversary this fall?

    Posted July 4th, 2018 by Black Yoshi
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    My drunk idea was a good one; why tag that? Those of us who like to partake can do so together and have a party thread where we all get really dumb and confessional. Or maybe celebratory! Or philosophical! We'll see where the night takes us. Group bonding.

    Posted July 4th, 2018 by Cetasaurus
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    Formerly KM8

    it probably sounded too negative and triggered the patented xhin anticriticism nannysensor

    Posted July 4th, 2018 by Pirate_Ninja
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    It speaks volumes that xhin is tagging the negative posts of this sites most active users.

    Any who I am still down to do a GT book club type of thing. I am sure we can find an epub/pdf of a book every one is willing to read.

    Posted July 4th, 2018 by S.o.h
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    Less about negativity, more about lack of constructiveness. I like the book club idea though.

    Posted July 4th, 2018 by Xhin
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    Sky's the limit

    Id like to help S.o.h with the book club. I like the idea of having sub categories where people can recommend and discuss. For instance, S.o.h can talk about history and I can talk about Fantasy/sci-fi, which I plan on reading more of. Also, manga and graphic novels. Edit: Horror, and whatnot as well.

    Edited July 5th, 2018 by Castrael
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    Here's an idea for for a longer-term thing that we can do here: fitness club.

    The way it would work is that someone would create a thread and sticky it. In that thread, people would post their planned exercise regimens and then post a confirmation after they complete a workout. The idea is that it's a social way of motivating people to be fit; the posters are putting themselves out there to be held accountable for fulfilling or skipping their regimens, to get support and information from others, and generally to socialize along the theme of fitness.

    We had a very loose general fitness thread a while back, but my plan for this is for it to be more directly and consistently motivational. I want people to check in every time they work out. I want them to post about the highs and lows of their session, and to think about what they should do next time. I want people to see when others haven't posted in a while, then prod them into keeping at it. Etc.

    Posted July 6th, 2018 by Cruinn-Annuin
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    Posted July 10th, 2018 by ignatius weatherbottom
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    although I have to say I'd like to be able to have a conversation with Denida.

    Posted July 10th, 2018 by ignatius weatherbottom
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    but shadowwalked is a massive anus, so how dare you.

    Posted July 10th, 2018 by ignatius weatherbottom
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