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We should rebrand as gametalk
Posted: Posted February 2nd by I killed Mufasa
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Gtx0 doesn’t really mean anything. Now that we have a fresh start with a new influx of members, why don’t we also go back to being gametalk?

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If I am not mistaken someone owns the rights to the name Gametalk.

Posted February 2nd by chiefsonny
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If we ever own the domain we can make the switch to gametalk then. GTX0 is short, easy to remember and pretty meaningful as well (a continuously evolving gametalk platform with a lot of xhin influence). Also remember -- the product makes the brand, not the other way around. There's a lot of well-recognized brands that look like words edgy highschoolers would come up with (looking at you, pepsi) and lots of clear sensical branding that no one's ever heard of (when I worked in the website industry, there were tons of these useful names that nonetheless needed our help with marketing).

Posted February 2nd by Xhin
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Sky's the limit

Oughtn't that be "xhinfluence"?

Posted February 2nd by elemtilas
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It'd be nice if it were an option.

Posted February 2nd by tnu
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