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Thanks to Mike's archaic session system most non mods that were here long enough I'm sure ventured into the mod forum a time or two. I was let in a couple of times, a couple of session links being visible in screenshots, and the odd spammer who posted links once or twice.

Of course, that thrill died completely once you got in and saw how lame it was.

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One time, a guy posted a website where you could input your name and password and then instantly get mod tools.

I was so curious about the mod forums and powers that I didn\'t even think twice.

Turned out, it just made you post a thread with your password as the title. Cue Agis_wild elf posting lemonparty for kids in the pointless forum every now and then over the next couple years.

Posted August 19th by Agis
Reply to: Was there a bigger thrill than getting into the mod forums as a non mod?
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