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War with Iran
Posted: Posted January 3rd
Edited January 5th by S.O.H.
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While i am sure we would crush Irán eventually. Said conflict would result in American forces being slaughtered.

The real war would start when the people take Up arms against the victorious U.S. forces.

Its a shit show and i am happy that i dont be drafted into this mess should things escalate moving forward.

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Yeah, we'll probably crush Iran just like we crushed Iraq and Afghanistan...

It's funny: I'm old enough to remember when folks were saying we couldn't elect Clinton because she was a war hawk and Trump was something more of an isolationist. And yet, so much of this current situation comes directly from Trump walking away from the deal that kept a peace between the countries from practically day one. He has been aching for war with Iran his entire term. Now he appears poised to conduct one, conveniently during an election year and while his impeachment is in the early stages. Hrrmm... Yeah, nothing suspicious about that!

Americans are so eager to start wars because the worst case scenario for most of us is that we pay more for gasoline or maybe a few other goods. Or so-and-so down the street lost a son in the war. We brag about our military might, and claim to be this incredible force, but it's never American cities destroyed. It's never American civilians lost almost daily. It isn't the American landscape being decimated. We only wage wars of aggression now, and for some reason, all of those alleged "Constitutional originalists" just cheer and talk about how the president *should* act unilaterally, because whoever we dropped a bomb on was bad. It doesn't even matter that the official White House position has already come up with two rather different justifications for the airstrike to begin with, which *should* be a major red flag as to the legitimacy.

But, Americans are nothing if not willfully ignorant of our own history. If we do wind up in a war with Iran, well, I look forward to the presidential debates asking who will bring our troops home in 2028. Should be a blast.

Posted January 3rd by Jet Presto
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Didn’t Hillary say Obama was “too soft” on Iran in the 2008 primary? Also wasn’t she originally the main opponent of the Iran deal from within the Obama administration and force some watering down of the original deal before taking credit for it during the 2016 primary? Didn’t she also say in one of those primary debates that she was proud to call the Iranians her enemy? Her support of the Iran nuclear deal in 2016 seemed about as sincere as her opposition to TPP. Idk, potential war with Iran seems like a bad issue on which to invoke Hillary Clinton. Even Joe Biden, pretty hawkish in his own right, can take more credit for getting behind Obama on the deal.

But yeah Trump is also no isolationist. I actively pushed back against Trump supporters who used that talking point. But let’s not pretend he’s the only one who could conceivably start a war with Iran. The military industrial complex is bipartisan.

Edited January 3rd by pacman
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There won't be war with Iran. Neither America or Iran want it. As much as the rhetoric suggests otherwise, we have learned the lessons of Iraq. And Iran has too much to lose from direct confrontation with America. It's not going to happen.

What will happen is an escalation in tit-for-tat and increasing regional instability. Which isn't as bad as war. But which is still bad.

Long-term, the only solution to Iran acting rogue is for the people of Iran to topple their hated rulers. Which may happen one day, but not anytime soon, and the moment may have already passed.

Edited January 3rd by Smiling Apple
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Its gonna suck if you are wrong. Well not for me.

Posted January 4th by S.o.h.
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Is killing a top general and sending thousands of troops to the ME not an act of war? Good lord what does count as war then lol

Edited January 5th by pacman
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Americans historically are not eager to start wars.
The general public is a mix of idealists and pragmatists.
You can’t get the people’s support behind a war, and make it a popular war, unless you can both persuade most of the idealists that we’d be fighting on the Right Side of good versus evil, and also persuade most of the pragmatists that war is a cost-effective way to protect American national interests.
If you can do that, then Americans go to war with a singular moral ferocity, combined with our tradition of accepting “no terms except unconditional surrender”.

OTOH if someone is willing and able to involve American forces in UNPOPULAR wars, then ....

Posted Yesterday Morning by eldin raigmore
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