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VR Coming to Nintendo Switch via Labo kits toycon VR goggles
Posted: Posted April 5th
Edited April 5th by ShadowFox08

Gameexplain also has impressions


Anyone interested?

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Sounds pretty cool, especially since I'm definitely getting a switch at some point.

Hopefully, VR will evolve more over time instead of just fading out like motion controls.

Posted April 5th by Xhin
Nature is beautiful

When are you getting one? I'd wait until E3 at least. There's some credible sources saying we'll get two new models released by the end of the year(handheld and pro variants). If true, I'm sure we'll get news around summer time.

Posted April 6th by ShadowFox08

Might be willing to try it for Breath of the Wild. I wonder how many future games will support it.

Posted April 7th by Q
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