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Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
WARNING: Mature content possible. Proceed with caution.
Vandy, come be my nurse with your degree and my parents can buy you all the video games you want.
Posted: Posted March 13th by Weid medic

Plus you can play live with my nurse and not just have to play online like you did with him and shadowfox08 in fortnite. His favorite games are the legend of Zelda franchise too. He doesn’t have a computer anymore and all he has is a PS4 now. Which games support crossplay betweeen ps4 and Xbox/pc?

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Ill live with you

Posted March 13th by S.O.H.

Nursing services for lifetime supply of any and all video game content. I would be in but my wife probably would't think it's such a great deal.

Posted March 13th by Vandy

SOH you abandoned your pursuit for a nursing career and chose history instead. You missed your chance. Money has a hard cure out there to find but it’s there unlike crippled illnesses. Vandy convince your wife to move to San Diego maybe you’ll find the cure for nf2 one day (there was someone who had nf2 who was TEN YEAES younger than me and he loved Zelda so much I found his FB since he was one of the members in the group page and had the triforce icon as his profile pic. My mom bought him a Zelda keychain which he wore everyday until his death in late 2016). I gotta ask her where (more like WEAR) this keychain is found online.

Become a lawyer SOH. That will make you rich!

Edited March 13th by Weid man

Nah indont have to deal with blood or clean booty hole. I dodged a bullet.

Posted March 13th by S.o.h.

SOH you’re missing your chance for free welfare. Even when I die Vandy (which may be very soon) remember all of the friends that I can bring to you now from our past from Mike’s gametalk and all of the real life friends that I made when I was younger.

Posted March 18th by Weid man

Probably very soon? Don't fucking say shit like that, Garrett. I don't want to heat that and I'm sure your friends don't either. You fight and you keep fighting until death abandons the idea of taking you into the abyss and you don't say worrisome things like that to your damn friends. To hell with the maybe. Embrace the idea of surviving. Ffs man.

Posted March 18th by Locke Bellemir

I see my doctor tomorrow kialuhe (is who I’m guessing you are). My nurse claims that he thinks that I do not qualify for assisted suicide yet since I’m not predicted to die within the next few months and even as they now that I just witnessed today that our most beloved member on gtx0 decided to take himself out this makes me very sad and suspends my plans. I’ve just been in a hell of a lot of pain lately and my msaage-abody is breaking apart with glitches, requiring stitches aka surgeries. Chemotherapy might have stopped working for me but we’ll find out tomorrow when I consult with my doctor about my recent MRI results. So from this social cue I am sure that everyone who is around me would be sad at my loss and that I shouldn’t give up just yet either. My mom keeps me fighting for my life, she just lost ur dad from a lethal fall that he had last month and she was crying the entire time up till his funeral. I am very sad at sus’s loss. I wish he could come life with me. He was honeless most of his life.

Posted March 18th by Weid man

It's your life weid, only you can decide and no one has the right to make you suffer. Obviously you would be missed, both at home in your real world and on this site. But no one anywhere has the right to make you suffer.

Posted March 18th by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

I’ll just let my doctor decide what he wishes to do for this matter but I for sure as hell need to have a giant tumor removed from my let quad. I wa in unbearable pain for my last surgery and very well may be for this one too. I just wish they could find a cure for any and every disability. Money isn’t the only problem in the real world. We need to make sure people are living healthy.

Posted March 18th by Weid man
Reply to: Vandy, come be my nurse with your degree and my parents can buy you all the video games you want.
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