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Feed the back. om nom nom.
Xhin is listening.

Just thought you should know. This post:
Seems to have bugged out (the date is the most obvious giveaway) and isn't appearing in the actual forum.

There are 7 Replies

I don't even know how my phone manages to double post!

Posted June 26th by Moonray

It definitely glitched when I moved replies from the last post into it. But I can see the post in the forum. You cannot?

Posted June 26th by Vandy

Nope. It's just not there for me.

Posted June 27th by Moonray


I don't see it either unless I go through the link you provided.

Posted June 27th by Q

What about now?

Posted June 27th by Vandy

I can see it now.

Posted June 27th by Q

Yes it is there now. Long live Vandy, God-King of returning posts.

Posted June 27th by Moonray
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