User CP Revamp checklist
Posted: Posted November 16th
Edited November 16th by Xhin
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A relatively small project, but should improve things a LOT for new users.

  • Remove the moderator link for non-mods (seriously why is this here)

  • Add an up-to-date description in the NIFE, NIFE User CP, Secret Clubs, and Projects CP explaining wtf they are.

  • Let you go back from Adventure/Host/New_Game to the User CP.

  • Rename plugins to "Site Plugins", stick in the "Other control panels" area first, distinguish it somewhat.

    Settings panels

  • Merge post settings and site settings.

  • Include screenshots on each option, showing wtf it does.

  • Change "stream feature" to "channels"

  • Remove "quicklinks mode" and "Site feed settings" since they're obsolete and/or deprecated.

    Other stuff

  • NIFE User CP > Hide the "My games" section completely if you're not playing any games.

  • Migrate the GTX0 Lounge into the header in some capacity.

  • Make user blocking a plugin, or at least the link to it in the User CP.

  • Same deal with Site Stats.

  • Site Stats has some kind of php error as well

  • Review the bookmarking / collections plugins -- are these actually working, and make sure they haven't been obsoleted/deprecated.

    New stuff

  • A setting for how dates display

  • A timezone setting

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