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Useful GTX0 Syntax (for newcomers)
Posted: Posted January 28th
Edited January 28th by Xhin
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GTX0 has quite a lot of useful formatting, but here are some of the more useful ones. I'll have actual syntax in yellow and what it does below that:

!! Headings

To make a line of large text for heading purposes, just precede it with !! and a space. You can also use !!! for larger text, or there are also additional symbols you can stick in there:

  • = bold
  • // italic
  • _ underlined

    So for example

    !!!=_ Big, bold, underlined
    Big, bold, underlined

    Faster images and links

    If you have a link to an image that ends in .jpg, .png or some other normal image extension, you can just put it on its own line to turn it into an image:


    Similarly, other links will turn into links if they're on their own line:

    This prevents the need for a lot of [url][/url] and [img][/img] tags.

    Interacting with media

    Click an image to get a bigger version of it. You can then doubleclick it to collapse it again.

    Click a youtube video preview to show the embed where you can interact with the video as normal.

    I plan to make these controls more intuitive soon.

    Faster quoting and list-making

    To quote things you can just stick a > before them:

    > Quoted text

    Quoted text

    To make lists, just add a * before them:

    * List item 1
    * List item 2
  • List item 1
  • List item 2

    Youtube videos

    You can embed youtube videos. Just surround them by a [youtube][/youtube] tag:



    By far the most useful tag for rearranging data.

    [table top]
    Name | Score
    Count Dooku | 95
    Xhin | 96
    Moonray | 63

    Name Score
    Count Dooku 95
    Xhin 96
    Moonray 63

    The syntax here is a bit more complex. Check out this post for a full explanation:

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