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Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
WARNING: Mature content possible. Proceed with caution.

in a recent conversation w a friend i remembered watching that terrifying disney movie, the black cauldron, as a child

i was always v prone to, idk, the fear and horror of an overactive imagination
so maybe i have overplayed this in my memory
but that was the scariest thing in the entire canon of human creation

theres like the horned king or as like to call him the incarnation of Evil and his little creepy gremlin servant and an army of undead half-rotted skeletons rising through an unearthly green mist while horrible flying horse monsters circle the sky abducting cute pigs and the starving little bear creature straight-up commits suicide by jumping into a pot of seething lava bc he believes his life is not as valuable as his friends and no one will miss him like oh my days i havent seen this movie in over a decade and it is still so vividly horrifying like definitely the most traumatic thing from my childhood i didnt even mention the witches or the torture dungeon bc the rest of it is just on a whole extra tier of terror that was constructed
specifically to support this childrens film

im really not sure where im going w all this i guess i just have to get it off my chest that i was and still am scared of imaginary monsters

but i mean if they are products of my imagination then like they are mine right? like i should be able to do w them what i want

let us do this okay im re-writing my monsters im seizing control

the legend of aromatic mary. you stand in the bathroom w the lights on and say her name three times. she appears, wearing a summer dress w a floral pattern and a small bouquet of hand-picked mountain wildflowers in her left breast-pocket. there are dandelions tucked into her pink and purple hair. if you are not wearing a flower barrette, she gives you one. it smells like sunshine.

the shape-shifting monster in the pipes. it has never truly seen the light of day or known its own real form. it lingers in the dank underworld of our municipality bc there is no place for it aboveground. cautiously, it explores humanity through the only twisting avenues it has known, hoping to experience vicariously those poignant moments of authentic connection between two souls. no matter how hard it tries, it cant seem to understand the love it has never known. if you whisper words of encouragement to your drains, it will hold onto its faith

the shadow person in the darkest corner. theres no consciousness there. it's okay. it is so calm to be so empty. they are not burdened by any past, future, or personality. they are all used up maybe and it's okay. they feel okay. they dont feel or think anything. theyre free from desire

the corpse behind the shower curtain. also, the corpses in the ceiling. it is dead. it is still and cold. the violence of the passing is over, and there is relief in that. there is nothing left now but the slow and smokeless burning of decay

the blood coming out of the shower when you close your eyes. just open your eyes. how many times do we have to go through this

the ghost in the airvent. he doesnt like me but it's fine really it's fine. not everyghost is going to like you susurrous and you have to learn to be okay w that bc that is just the way it is in life and you'll be okay as long as you like you. i just think that, you know, if he got to know me...

the feathery monster with a hundred rows of razor-sharp teeth that lives in the closet. it has a really good sense of humor. if you tell a joke, you might hear it laughing. it has a gorgeous smile and openly shares it, uninhibited in moments of purely-felt mirth. what a charmer

the wendigo in the tree outside, reaching its attenuated hand toward your window. it has forgotten the connection between its coldness and its hunger. it thinks flesh will sate the oppression of appetite. buried in its consciousness, it knows only the return of warmth to its once-human heart can stop the wracking of starvation. it needs forgiveness and a hug

i have more but if you got this far youre getting bored now

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i remembered watching that terrifying disney movie, the black cauldron, as a child

I loved this movie! It really was terrifying though.

i have more but if you got this far youre getting bored now

I'd read more!

Posted February 8th by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

i love you ceta youre the nicest

Posted February 8th by susurrous
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