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Unreal World - Using Dogs while hunting
Posted: Posted October 27th, 2015 by Growlithe

Okay, so one of my favorite roguelikes is Unreal World, which is basically set in the scandanavian wilderness, and your objective is to live as long as you can. I had frequent issues with starvation and whatnot early on because I wasn't able to bring down elk and whatnot quick enough before they'd get away. All of that changed when I bought a dog from a local village. I ran into an elk and had Fluffy attack, I can hear my character now, "KILL FLUFFY KILL" and he would circle the elk and make it run back to me, they ran off the screen for a bit and I retrieved an arrow I'd shot and then they came back and I was able to bring it down and feed me and the village that's closest to my settlement. They were super happy to see me too, "Hello fellow tribesman, haven't seen you around these parts in a while" Yeah sorry, I was busy chopping the head off of a sleeping hunter and buying a dog in what I assume was his village with his equipment.

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