Unbelievable Shot! (SM64)
Posted: Posted July 11th by Aurelian
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I've never been too good with using the bulky N64 controler with it's painful clunky stick. But maybe I'm not as bad as I thought, at least with aiming and timing. Playing Super Mario 64, I was finishing up Bob-omb Battlefield (Just started a new file tonight), and was doubling on "Mario Wings to the Sky" and the 100 coin star. I had 98 coins and finally cannoned up to the floating island. Got the cap, and took off. Since the animation of the 100 coin star appearing messed up my focus, I only hit the first and fifth rings. The second shot got me the 100 coin star, which forced me to the ground near Chain Chomp. I go back to the island for shot three. I know I need rings 2-3-4. I jump into the cannon, aim slightly higher then the visible coin of ring 2, and fire. NAIL all three rings, and the star appears way down near the red coin star spawn. I go to pull up to fly around a bit, only to find that I can't move. It is that that I realize that when I went to the island the third time, I NEVER GOT THE WING CAP! I had such perfect precision aim that I hit the three middle rings WITHOUT THE ABILITY TO FLY!

I have NEVER done a maneuver like that before! It was so beautiful...

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