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The Pokémon Forum

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Or, are they just that... rumors?

Pokémon Past and Future?

Apparently, Pokémon Rumble as well.
What do you think? I’m hoping they do a Pokémon Direct soon. I’ve seen others as well, but I think they’re fake. If they were real, what’s your favorite starter line up leak? I liked the water and poison one.

The Head May Err, But Never The Blood.
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-looks at the date on the video-

Posted April 5th by Moonray


Posted April 5th by Castrael


Posted April 5th by Count Dooku


Posted April 5th by Fox Forever

Can someone please explain this to me? I have asperger’s and am missing the social Q

Posted April 5th by Weid man

Castrael thought it was a leak but the date for the video is April 1st, so the video was an April Fools prank.

Posted April 6th by Moonray

"Can someone please explain this to me? I have asperger’s and am missing the social Q"

Don't worry, I'm here.

As Moonray said, Castrael fell for an April fool's joke.

I remember back in 2006 I feel for an April Fool's joke that said blizzard was releasing World of StarCraft. I was not happy when I realized it wasn't a real thing. I mean they had fake screenshots and 2006!

Edited April 6th by Q

I knew it was fake. It was too good to be true. <.<

Posted April 6th by Castrael

Remember that April fools joke in 2004 where they stated that ssb 3 was coming out later that yeAr with 50+ characters with epic online play and a four player adventure mode? I totally fell for that joke and got so hyped and worked myself up for nothing and then cried when super smash fan posted “sorry guys this was an April fools joke just like the sonic and tails by KOing more than 20 wire frames in cruel melee and toad by shooting all of the credits after classic mode rumors were as well as triforce in ocarina of time and Luigi in super mario 64 and the gold and purple yoshi’s in yoshi story and the yoshi trick on mairo sunshine where he was supppsed to he invisible in Delfina plaza across the bay to where the impriosned tube was which requires you to use yoshi to spray off the goopy fire and then jump inside and steer the Lilly pad backwards above the poisonous rivers water and grab all eight red coins to get this very daunting shine sprite in the game”.

Posted April 6th by Weid man

This video is clearly a fake. Nintendo would never announce a new Pokemon game with someone using a PC MOUSE to play it.

Posted April 6th by mariomguy
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