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Transsexual identity and dishonesty
Posted: Posted July 9th by Party Smasher
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Hunter Hunt-Hendrix is a musician most known for the band Liturgy.

In 2011, Liturgy released an album called Aesthethica.

On Aesthethica, Hunter screams stridently and violently, in a voice that I would readily identify as male.

As inept as I am with recognizing people's speaking voices, I am equally as adept at remembering tiny details of music, including the traits of harsh vocal performance in metal that would tend to indicate either a male or a female performer. I have friends who also listen to music semi-obsessively who are completely clueless in this regard, and who are surprised when I pick out rare female vocalists.

Hunter's vocals on Aesthethica do not sound like any female vocalist I have ever heard. During this time, Hunter did not publicly identify as a woman.

In 2015, Liturgy released an album called The Ark Work.

The vocals that Hunter delivers therein are even more readily identified as male, as he leaves the black metal screaming behind and delivers the vast majority of the vocals in either a clean, warm singing style or an even warmer rap flow. During this time, Hunter did not publicly identify as a woman.

In 2020, Hunter comes out as transsexual, publicly identifying as a woman and completely embracing it.

The music aggregation and rating database Rate Your Music is nearly ubiquitous, easily ranking alongside Discogs, Wikipedia and Encyclopaedia Metallum as one of my go-to sites for scrounging information about music.

RYM features a "descriptor" field in the information panels on album pages. These get filled with descriptors (such as "heavy", "chaotic", "dissonant", etc.) that are voted on by the community and which are, apparently, subject to a process of moderator review which I am not entirely clear on.

Subsequent to Hunter's coming out, the tag "male vocals" has been removed from albums on which he performs and the tag "female vocals" has been added.


Forgive me if I'm being too caveman, but I think it should be tagged with the actual content, not bullshit. Imagine listening to one of these albums because you're interested in hearing female vocals and there are no female vocals on the album.

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To be fair, there are sometimes even if rarely people who are born as what people typically associate physically with male or female but have voices closer to the opposite. So it's not necessarily something that comes completely out of nowhere just because a transperson is involved. So ya to be clear, it's not necessarily inaccurate if she felt that way for a long time but only felt comfortable coming out much later. You'd have to ask her though I suppose. But aside from that it's probably to erode the idea that females don't sometimes sound like males because of transwomen who either don't or haven't bothered to practice adjusting their voice as much as possible (or don't use a program that makes their voice sound more like what is considered feminine which can actually work very well depending).

I'm also not sure if like male and female are considered anymore inherent to "sex" rather than "gender" which could itself present problems especially if someone has already begun transitioning.

I see what you're saying though, the struggles of transpeople and their identity get caught up in this and at the same time ends up getting rid of a label for vocal tendencies and it's hard to have it both ways and please everyone. Perhaps if a label showing that there is a stereotypical male voice involved it would seem less potentially problematic.

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Intersectionality can kiss my white cis ass.

In other periods of time I may have been willing to tolerate it, but it's gotten so bad that now crucial tech infrastructure is changing their code and introducing bugs and issues solely because some people might be offended by the term "blacklist". A phrase which, by the way, predates the use of "black" for dark-skinned people.

These kinds changes serve only to introduce ambiguity and to wholeheartedly ignore precision and practicality in favor of virtue signaling that doesn't actually address actual issues faced by disparaged groups.

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