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I've been hired to translate a document from English to Spanish for a non-profit organization. If you don't speak Spanish, your input could still be valuable to me.

The organization has sorta coined this notion of a "Core Gift" and they have this whole philosophy/definition surrounding it about how everyone has, like, I don't know... an essential value that they contribute to the universe.

Anyway, I'm struggling to come up with a good translation of "Gift" in this context. I'm pretty sure that the literal translation, "Regalo," just don't got that same oomph to it. So I've been considering a bunch of potential synonyms: talent, ability, strength, forte, skill, function, reason, role, purpose, motivation, aspiration, value, asset...

None of them are really standing out to me. Which word do you think best encapsulates the feeling of "Gift"?

Or, even better – if you speak Spanish, what word in Spanish would you use?

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Todos tenemos una destreza para contribuir ala sociedad

Posted May 27th by S.o.h.

One vote for destreza, thanks.

Posted May 27th by Cetasaurus
AKA: Cetasaurus

SOH's version is good. Thumbs up from another native speaker.

Posted May 28th by Brocken Jr.
Brocken Jr.


Posted May 28th by Cetasaurus
AKA: Cetasaurus
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