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Top 5 favorite RWBY characters
Posted: Posted December 3rd, 2017 by -Riku-

In no particular order

1) Yang: she's a complete badass with a really cool semblance and she loves making puns. She's also cool headed most of the time, but if you mess with her hair you're screwed. She's very caring when it comes to Ruby and will stand by her little sister always

2) Weiss: She went from being an ice princess/queen to truly caring about her friends. Her abusive family background, save for her big sister, and her defying her bastard of a father made me sympathize and like her even more. Her semblance is also pretty neat now that she can summon.

3) Jaune: I've always liked this guy. He's an underdog and he's not very skilled at first. He's also pretty normal compared to everyone else. He's not a very good fighter yet, but his love for Pyrrah and his loyalty to his team mates make me like him a lot.

4) Nora: Nora is crazy awesome! She's incredibly strong, crazy, funny, and has one of the coolest weapons. It doesn't hurt she's based on Thor

5) Pyrrah: She was my favorite character, until she died. Pyrrah was arguably the most skilled fighter of her class. She was also kind of famous, but she never let it go to her head. She was humble, patient, kind, trusting, and she felt a little left out when it came to dances. Because of her fame, guys thought she was out of their league and never asked her to any dances. Pyrrah also agreed to train Jaune in secret since he couldn't fight. Her death still saddens me to this day.

Honorable mentions: Ren, Qrow, Roman Torchwick, Velvet, Penny, Salem, and Cinder

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