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Top 10 films of the Decade?
Posted: Posted May 4th
Edited May 4th by S.O.H.
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Is it absurd for me to put a limit of 10? Why yes it is. So feel free to include more. Just curious to see what makes your guys list.

I actually have to think about this. I dont want to narrow all 10 to a specific year. But for right now in no order in Particular:

Creed, hunt for the wilder people, Fury, Parasite, Silence, Sicario, Logan, Us, The Hateful 8.

I wont be doing a write up for all of these.

I tossed in 'Us' because it is one of the more unnerving films I watched in the last decade.

I chose Logan because in an Era of comicbook movies I think this one is one of the best. (Well if I am being honest I think its a toss up between Logan, Days of Future Past, and Far From Home)

Silence is my number of one film of the decade. Im not much for slow burns, especially ones that are close to three hours in run time, but this movie rocked me to my core. I am not sure why.

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I admittedly think I've only seen two movies in the past ten years not counting The Force Awakens which y ou aaaalllll know my thoughts on. Dr. Sleep and Joker. they were alright. oh wait how old is Coco cause that ma y count.

Posted May 4th by tnu
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Blade Runner 2049
John Wick trilogy
Get Out
The Revenant

Pretty garbage list. I'm not into film enough to have a really sophisticated opinion on this. If I tried more, there'd probably be a lot more high-concept sci-fi on there. I've heard that there's been a good bit of decent speculative fiction released lately, but I've been too lazy/distracted to watch most of it.

Posted May 4th by Black Marble
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Not too long ago, I compiled a list of my top 50 of the decade. But the Top 10 wound up being:

10. Arrival (2016)
9. Sorry to Bother You (2018)
8. Song of the Sea (2014)
7. Get Out (2017)
6. Baby Driver (2017)
5. Booksmart (2019)
4. A Fantastic Woman (2018)
3. The World's End (2013)
2. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
1. Parasite (2019)

I kinda always wind up mixing reasons. Like I dunno that I would put this as my list of *favorites,* but I do really love these films and I also usually mix just my general like of a film with what I kinda think are the "best" ones.

Posted May 4th by Jet Presto
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The Hateful 8 was one of the most boring movies I’ve ever attempted to watch, hats off to you for finishing it...

Inglorious Basterds
It Comes at Night
John Wick
We need to talk about Kevin
Knee Deep
The Shallows
No country for old men

Edited May 5th by Issues
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Oh man. How did I forget about We Need To Talk About Kevin??? Dunno it's a top 10 for me, but it's definitely in my top 50.

Posted May 5th by Jet Presto
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Manchester by the Sea is up there for me.

Posted June 2nd by MarvaIo
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Toy Story 3
Inside Out
La La Land
Star Wars: The Force Awakens - I know, controversial, but irrespective of the works that came before it, I just really enjoyed this movie.

I watched a lot of animated movies, but not too many live action films grabbed my interest. Casino Royale was better than Skyfall IMO. La La Land had an outstanding beginning, but kind of got muddy and messy in the middle. My favorite live action is actually Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Leaving the theaters, I said "this is what movies were made for!" The visual effects, the sounds, and the joys and fun just brought this film to life. Not without faults, of course - Kylo Ren was a pretty weak ass villain, and yeah we've seen the story structure before, but overall it was pulled off to stunning effect.

As for animation, there were so many good ones... Toy Story 3 really elevated the franchise, and had some of the most intense scenes I've ever witnessed. Inside Out was a fascinating concept regarding emotions, but if a crown jewel can be selected for Pixar it has to be Coco - they told such a beautiful story with real human characters you can actually believe, and such a meaningful, dramatic, and epic adventure. What missteps Pixar took this decade, Coco made up for it. Of the non-Pixar movies, the real standout was Zootopia, a film that covers an extremely hot topic that managed to stay hot TO THIS DAY. Despite the production challenges, the story we ended up getting could not have been better told.

Overall, though, I see films shying away from making strong statements and losing their visual impact. Marvel movies have normalized mundane storytelling and just throws tons of visual effects with the promise of superheroes to reel in audiences, but I can't say I actually enjoyed watching many of their films. Cynicism really has plagued Hollywood, and I felt the need to list some live action movies rather than actually feeling excited to include them. I can't help but notice the decade from 2000-2010 was much better than this one.

Posted June 9th by mariomguy
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I'm not a pretentious film goer, these are just the movies I liked.

The Avengers
The Wolf of Wall Street
Bridge of Spies
Jurassic World
This is the End
21 Jump Street
Rise of Planet of the Apes Trilogy (Not gonna lock down any one movie because I thought it was almost flawless throughout)

Which reminds me, I need to rewatch that planet of the apes trilogy.

Posted June 10th by I killed Mufasa
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Kylo Ren was a pretty weak ass villain

Really? I thought he was the only interesting villain in any Star Wars movie. He's the only villain that I've ever been like, "Whoa, there's like, at least a few layers to this character," which is something we haven't really seen before in Star Wars.

Posted June 12th by Jet Presto
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Not without faults, of course - Kylo Ren was a pretty weak ass villain

Could you explain further? I actually thought that Kylo was one of the highlights of the new trilogy. His inner conflicts, both with what he thinks he is expected to do by those around him (and before him) and the emotions that he struggles with, were something that I keyed in to immediately. I think that it was actually kind of a shame that he was played opposite a brick-faced nothingburger of a character.

Posted June 12th by Levitator
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