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Todd Rogers (Mr. Activision): The Biggest Cheater in Gaming History?
Posted: Posted January 24th
Edited January 24th by nullfather

I had heard that Twin Galaxies was a terrible site with arcane policies, but wholeheartedly worshipping blatantly mythical records with no confirmation? Holy shit.

I am the mighty Sun-Column.
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lmfao when they show the high score rankings comparing his scores with the rest of the top five

totally reminds me of playing old unsecure flash games where you'd look at the global high scores and see shit like "best time: 0:00:01" on a racing game

Posted January 25th by Pirate_Ninja

It's literally like talking to a little kid.

"Hey, I bet I could beat you in this video game."

"Nuh-uh, one time I got a billion points."

Edited January 25th by nullfather

Exactly 15 million compared to other scores in the high hundred thousands...

Sounds legit. (yes)

Posted January 25th by Fox Forever

One time I got over 9000!!!

Posted January 25th by Q
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