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Tip for Sammer's Kingdom
Posted: Posted October 18th, 2017 by Giga Bytes7

(I'm playing through the first three Paper Mario's for the first time in a while, so guess where I'm at now)

An easy way to beat the Sammer Guys is to use Bowser's blasts of flame. Breathe fire at them, and if they're too fast, force them to the edge of the arena so they'll jump back up into the fire. This is easy with the green, blue, and big Sammer Guys - though with the blue ones, run left first because they might jump.

And if any of them are too hard to defeat that way (like the Red Sammer Guys, Crow Who Eats being the only one in the actual Chapter 6), IMMEDIATELY switch to Mario, flip to 3D, and use Dottie to shrink. They will ignore you once you're small, so then you can keep breathing fire as Bowser in a spot you know they'll run into the flames!

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