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We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Tiger, Tiger webcomic by Petra Erika Nordlund
Posted: Posted June 6th
Edited June 6th by chiarizio
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or twitter; https://twitter.com/petra_nordlund
Is one I’m enjoying a lot right now.
You might, too.
So far only one act of piracy; more a case of “borrowing” a ship than stealing one, I guess.

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Oh dang this is pretty. I'm all over it.

Posted June 6th by Aviatrix
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I'm on page 61 and loving it so far! I love the atmosphere. And the minimal context actually kind of works for a period piece. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

Posted June 8th by Aviatrix
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When you get to https://www.tigertigercomic.com/tiger-tiger/179 you’ll be reading the story-arc about how Remy and Jamis and Remy’s crew bonded together.
It reminds me very much of David Drake’s “The Jungle”. https://books.google.com/books/about/The_Jungle.html?id=H1wFG1OhD9cC&source=kp_book_description In that story a group of five men survive a trip through a jungle. They can’t see inside each others’ minds; but we can.
Each of them does the right thing in several different urgently difficult situations. Their own opinions of themselves is that they were just lucky, had no idea what to do, and nearly panicked; but each of their comrades interpret their actions as cold resolve, dedication, perspicacity, and so on.

After you read about what’s going to happen in Remy’s diary, let me know. Then we can talk about it without me spoiling it for you.

I should tell Petra Nordlund about the parallel I think is there, but I haven’t managed to leave a comment yet.

Posted June 11th by chiarizio
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Posted June 12th by chiarizio
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I read your Facebook posts every once in a while.
I hope you’re doing well!
And the same to your daughters and your husband.
And your fictional characters and creations, too, though in their cases “doing well” won’t be exactly the same thing!

Posted October 1st by chiarizio
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