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Thoughts on the Steven Universe TV movie?
Posted: Posted September 6th by -Riku-
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Overall I enjoyed it, but there were parts I didn't like

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I watched it with my friend Layla the other night, and I absolutely loved it. The music was spectacular all the way through, the plot is beautiful, and if I went on about everything I loved about the movie, this post would become a master's thesis. Suffice it to say, though, that the movie reminded me why I love Steven Universe so much (even though I've probably seen...ooh...around thirty episodes or so, give or take, of the whole series): there are deep, deep lessons to be learned in there, lessons which have helped me to cope with and learn from the loss of my dad. I think the only thing that has had more of an impact on me than Steven Universe is Undertale, and if I went into all the reasons why that is, this post would become a full-length novel.

Posted September 9th by Black Yoshi
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I actually just watched a video about unanswered questions from the movie and some of these questions have me thinking that season 6 will take place before the events of the movie. https://youtu.be/k9up9YUO0mA I really hope this isn't the case because I want to see the show to move forward and explore new ideas

Posted Tuesday by -Riku-
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I think I saw pretty much the whole series and enjoyed it.

Posted Tuesday by tnu
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